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Enjoy truly robust, reliable connectivity when you add a load balancer to an additonal Broadband line and existing Internet connection. With DualConnect, the two diversified links increase Internet service availability and allows your business to have constant Internet access even when one of the links is down. Plus, enjoy accelerated connectivity speeds during your daily operations, as DualConnect aggregates two Dynamic Broadband lines into one boosted link.

Why is link diversity important?

Constant connectivity is vital for businesses today. With day-to-day business operations depending heavily on the Internet (cloud solutions such as online storage, database, logistics, CRM and email), business owners cannot afford downtime or a lagging network that could affect operations efficiency. When one link is down, DualConnect automatically redirects all the traffic to the operating link.

Why businesses would need this?

Businesses heavily reliant on dynamic Internet connectivity can benefit from the link diversity and aggregated bandwidth that the service provides. It is especially useful for businesses who cannot afford any downtime or delayed turnaround time, such as F&B or retail outlets connected to cloud ordering or CRM solutions. Businesses that offer online solution will find DualConnect indispensable in ensuring smooth and productive business operations.

How does DualConnect work?

Besides aggregating and accelerating your broadband speed from your existing Internet Service Provider, DualConnect offers your business a reliable Internet connection even when one of the Internet links is down. The smart solution automatically switches over to a working Internet link when one link fails so you don't experience downtime or disruption in productivity. With a resilient, constant connection and automatic failover, you can focus on what truly matters – growing your business.

Key Benefits of DualConnect

Increase Internet Up-time with Link Diversity

Having two dynamic broadband lines with automatic failover means your business stays up and running with close to zero downtime. SMEs can now enjoy robust, reliable connectivity and manage cloud solutions, emails and heavy internet volume operations with no disruption.

24 / 7 Support plus 1-to-1 Hardware Swop

Enjoy round-the-clock support with our 24/7 dedicated technical team. You also enjoy worry-free 1-to-1 replacement of faulty load balancer and WiFi router throughout your contract period.

Boost and Optimise your Broadband Speed

Enjoy uninterrupted, accelerated broadband speeds for your office. The link balancer combines two Internet bandwidths at one cost-effective price. Traffic is also distributed efficiently to support your staff’s connectivity needs, even at optimum capacity.

Promotion Pricing

Dynamic Fibre Broadband


Monthly Subscription

(minimum 24-month contract)



1st 2 months' subscription FREE with 36-month contract

1st 3 months' subscription FREE with 24-month contract


1st 5 months' subscription FREE with 36-month contract

1st 3 months' subscription FREE with 24-month contract


1st 5 months' subscription FREE with 36-month contract

Router Rental and Installation


Standard Router

FREE Router Rental and Installation


Recommended for companies up to 40 concurrent users

Upgrade router to Google Wifi

Upgrade to Google Wifi (3 points) at $25.68/month


Recommended for large or 2-storey offices; supports up to 50 concurrent devices
Free router installation for new Dynamic Fibre Broadband sign-up#
1-1 exchange for faulty router during rental period
No minimum rental period#

DualConnect Monthly Subscription

(minimum 24-month contract)

Top up $10/month for 1 unit of Load Balancer rental


Total Monthly Subcription of
Dynamic Fibre Broadband
+ DualConnect

(minimum 24-month contract)



Recommended for

For customers with existing broadband from other Internet Service Providers.
Above pricing exclude other Internet Service Providers’ lines subscription.

Note: One-time charge of $481.50 applies for Dynamic Fibre Broadband Plan on 24-month contract. DualConnect is not available as a standalone service; it has to be subscribed together with StarHub Business Dynamic Fibre Broadband on a minimum contractual period of 24 months.

#$160.50 onsite charge applies for existing Dynamic Fibre Broadband plan or request to change Google Wifi router rental to standard router rental.

Note: Promotion is valid from 1 February to 14 March 2018 unless otherwise notified by StarHub.

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