Terms & Conditions - StarHub SAP bundle

  1. Applicants must be a small and medium-sized company, business or partnership registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) to be eligible for this Promotion.
  2. Applications are subject to StarHub’s approval and credit checks. StarHub reserves the right to decline any applications. Applicants are required to present their latest business profiles and other relevant documents as may be required by StarHub.
  3. Promotion is valid until 31 December 2017 unless otherwise stated.
  4. $1 Mobile SIM-only promotion: Eligible customers will enjoy $1 monthly subscription for the first six continuous months on their respective Business Mobile Plan signed up and 50% discount from the seventh month onwards for a subsequent period of eighteen months, thereafter prevailing rates will apply. A one-time SIM activation charge of $37.45 and a one-time mobile service charge of $10.70 for all new subscriptions to our mobile service voice plans will be waived. Each BRN may sign up a maximum of two mobile lines. New customers can subscribe up to Business Mobile XS plan, while port-in customers can subscribe up to Business Mobile L plan. Promotion is not applicable for contract renewal with handset commitment. Unlimited Saturday and Sunday Local Data starts on Saturday 0000 to Sunday 2359. Fair usage policies apply for Unlimited SMS/MMS, Unlimited talktime and Unlimited Weekend Data. For details, please visit starhub.com/bizmobiletnc.
  5. Customers who sign up for MaxMobile Elite 11GB Data SIM plans with iPad on a 24-month contract will enjoy 25% discount off the stated monthly subscription price. This promotion is valid till 28 October 2017. Prevailing MaxMobile Elite 11GB subscritpion rate applies after promotion ends on 28 October 2017. 
  6. Excess local data charges will be charged at $8.56 per 1GB (capped at promotional rate of $85.60 per month till 31 December 2017). Data bill cap will revert to $168 per month wef 1 January 2018. 
  7. Actual bandwidth and speed are dependent on a combination of factors, including mobile equipment, software used, Internet traffic, and destination server. Prevailing rates apply for data traffic used outside Singapore.
  8. StarHub’s prevailing rates shall apply upon the expiry of this Promotion. In addition to these terms and conditions, StarHub’s prevailing business general and applicable service specific terms and conditions apply. StarHub reserves the right to amend, suspend, withdraw or terminate, whether in whole or part, this promotion and/or any of these terms and conditions without prior notice and at StarHub’s absolute discretion.
  9. Participation in this Promotion shall constitute acceptance of all these terms and conditions and any amendments thereof. In addition to these terms and conditions, StarHub's prevailing business general and applicable service specific terms and conditions apply. For StarHub’s full terms and conditions, please refer to www.starhub.com/business/promotnc, which are incorporated by way of reference.