Detects and eliminates dangerous threats such as zero-day malware and data leakage.

With SmartSecure, your employees can safely access your company’s data whenever they need to. They can also collaborate and share data seamlessly among themselves, or your customers, without worrying about exposing your business to more risks. SmartSecure can detect and eliminate dangerous threats such as zero-day malware and data leakage before they can cause any damage.

Benefits of SmartSecure
Flexibility and scalability
2 solutions in a user licence
1 user licence covers up to 5 devices
Comprehensive protection
AV-Test award for Best Protection (2017)
No IT expertise & infrastructure required
Endpoint Protection

• Supports Windows and MacOS

• Firewall and intrusion prevention

• Blocks in-memory zero-day threats

• Detects and removes threats hidden in files and executables

• Proactive detection of threats enabled by machine learning

• Device control


Mobile security and device management

• Proactive defense against malware and other malicious zero-day exploits

• Extensive network defense with active honeypot technology that prevents:

- Malicious WiFi networks

- Man-in-the-middle attacks

- SSL downgrading

- Content manipulation attacks 

• Active monitoring of devices to secure known but unpatched vulnerabilities

• Prevents unauthorised access to devices and unauthorised device control (e.g. cameras or microphones)

• Remote locking or wiping of data after devices have been lost or stolen

• Controls and manages device access to company networks based on device ownership and security status


Sign up for SmartSecure at $8/ month per user licence (up to 5 devices). Enjoy 6 months FREE with 24-month subscription!

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