Take a proactive test to identify the security weaknesses in your IT system.

StarHub Security Testing which includes Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing, aims to reveal flaws in the security mechanisms of an information system to prevent organization from financial impact caused by cyber attacks as much as possible.

Vulnerability Assessment conducts systematic scan of servers, workstations, devices, operating systems and other application softwares for pre-existing flaws that may be exploited during an attack. It exposes vulnerabilities including missing patches, gaps or loopholes in system design and misconfigurations which can compromise critical data.

Penetration Testing simulates an attack attempting to breach the security of a network or system from the position of potential hackers. The intent of the test is to determine the feasibility of unauthorised access or other malicious activities, and to identify and measure the severity of the flaws, if any.


Addressing Business Challenges

Prioritise risks

With the diversity of security threats, it’s critical to prioritise the risks to avoid overspending resources on trivial issues and neglecting the most crucial ones.


Fix loopholes & misconfigurations

Successful hacking happens mostly due to incorrect coding practices and misconfigurations. Letting an external party conduct a penetration test can help achieve an unbiased report, so that you can effectively deploy the right staff.


Maximise security ROI

Development of IT assets can cost a huge sum. Without the consistent habit of conducting VAPT, companies are placing themselves at risk of attack and/or data leakage, which will render the investment useless.

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