How it works

A traditional office setup is typically based on a private hub-and-spoke network whereby customers can control and manage. The perimeter-based security model of this traditional office setup enables customer to protect users and applications within the on-premise network architecture. Whereas, the modern office setup, is typically a direct-to-cloud architecture over the internet. Such a network cannot be controlled by the customer and this puts the network security model at risk.

The Secure Cloud Gateway platform securely connects a user to their applications regardless of the location of the application (SaaS, within AWS, Azure or the physical data center).

For branch sites that have a lot of traffic destined for applications in the data center, MPLS is still required, however, customers can breakout Internet traffic locally via the Secure Cloud Gateway. For branch sites that do not have a lot of traffic going to the data center, customers can route all traffic to the Secure Cloud Gateway. The Secure Cloud Gateway provides full inline inspection to block bad traffic and protect good traffic.

StarHub Secure Cloud Gateway diagram

Strengthen your business defence against cyber threats with Secure Cloud Gateway.

StarHub Cloud

Build your own cloud that is Local, Secured and Connected.

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Local Connectivity

Connect your multiple office locations with direct connectivity islandwide with 2Mbps - 100Gbps.

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International Connectivity

International network infrastructure for enterprises in Singapore requiring international connectivity.

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