Protect your business against advanced cyber threats.
With StarHub’s telco-centric Cyber Threat Monitoring.

Partnering with world-renowned cyber security companies, we offer telco-centric, network-based Cyber Threat Monitoring (CTM) from our first-of-its kind StarHub Security Operations Centre (SSOC).

CTM integrates StarHub’s core infrastructure with round-the-clock, proactive cyber threat detection capabilities.

Cyber attacks come through wired and wireless networks. Being a telco, StarHub has the ability to detect anomalies in data traversing an enterprise network – allowing malicious data traffic to be discovered much earlier and mitigated more efficiently.

CTM is designed specifically for the protection of enterprises and government agencies. It benefits any organisation whose data is vulnerable to cyber crime preventing severe damages to business.


StarHub Security Operation Centre (SSOC)

At the heart of CTM is our 24/7 SSOC. Its intelligent dashboard enables enterprises to:

• Integrate data from multiple detection engines for more accurate alerts.

• Enrich investigation through file analysis and network forensics.

• Correlate and anonymously share threat intelligence across customers.

• Minimise false positives and create a detailed view of confirmed incidents.


Three-tier support from skilled analysis 

1: First responder to all detected threats. 

2: In-depth analysis of unknown and advanced threats. 

3: Proactive threat discovery through analytics and malware forensics.


Proactive 4-step methodology

Monitor: Threats are monitored at network and endpoint levels, without the need for logs from appliances. 

Analyse: Automated forensic analysis and a unified investigation interface reviews evidence faster and more accurately. 

Alert: Confirmed incidents are reported promptly with a detailed technical report. A monthly summary of incidents and trends is provided. 

Respond: Actionable intelligence is provided that can be used to contain and remediate the attack, while intelligence sharing enables early detection of future attacks.


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