Be at the forefront of the hospitality industry with Robotics-as-a-Service.


Rising labour costs, slow workforce growth, changing consumer demands and increasing competition are key challenges for today’s hospitality industry. To help hotels achieve breakthroughs, the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and the Singapore Hotel Association’s Innovation Committee are driving the Smart Hotel Technology Roadmap which incorporates robotics and mobile connectivity to accelerate business transformation and growth. Hoteliers who are constantly upgrading themselves to keep up with technology advancements will see themselves gaining a strong competitive edge over their competitors.

Leverage robotics to streamline operations, boost productivity and develop your employees’ competencies to co-work with emerging technologies. Autonomous service robots can be deployed to execute repetitive and tedious back-of-house operations such as delivery, lifting, cleaning and cooking. With less reliance on manual labour, hoteliers can alleviate the manpower crunch as service staff are freed up to focus on creating deeper interactions with guests.

As the first of its kind to be launched in Singapore, StarHub’s Robotics-as-a-Service (RaaS) offers service robots on a leasing model. No upfront hefty costs required, the fully-managed robotics service is available on a daily, monthly and yearly subscription basis.

Why lease?


Deploying a fleet of robots can be costly and requires high maintenance. To ease the adoption of robots, StarHub is the first in Singapore to offer Robotics-as-a-Service to lower the upfront capital investment required.

Cost efficient & scalable
Turn CAPEX to OPEX and save on hefty upfront capital investments and maintenance costs with a daily, monthly or yearly lease model that can be scaled up or down based on your needs. This reduces costs of ownership that is required to set up an internal team with the expertise to manage the robots.
Peace of mind with a one-stop fully-managed service
Enjoy peace of mind with our fully-managed RaaS that includes consultation, installation, integration, maintenance and support.
Smart & analytical
Capture data such as robot usage & item frequency for inventory & manpower planning to forecast demand & improve workflow.

Our suite of RaaS solutions


Streamline your housekeeping, F&B and back-of-house operations with our selection of RaaS solutions.


Automate the time-consuming task of delivery and enhance customer experience with a fully-autonomous robot that delivers items from food and beverages to linens and toothpaste to the guest room quickly, safely and reliably.

  • Navigates in dynamic environments around people and objects using mapping technology and suite of sensors
  • Enables autonomous elevator operation including requesting for a specific floor and collect status information from the elevator system
  • Recharges between deliveries to be at service 24 hours daily


Boost productivity with a dual-purpose cleaning robot that allows for both manual and autonomous controls with the ability to conduct scheduled cleaning.

  • Employs industry-leading navigation, systems and software with 6-hour operation run-time
  • Reduces water usage by 80% with a water recycling feature
  • Able to clean corners with 99% coverage


Transport heavy loads of up to 635kg per trip with ease and cut down on manual labour. Our lifting robots streamline the laundry supply chain, reducing a seven-step manual process to a three-step automated one.

  • Sensors allow for safe navigation of surroundings in real time
  • Efficiently delivers linen & food and removes trash
  • Automatic drop-off and pick-up with multiple dispatch modes


Ease the load of kitchen staff with a robotic chef equipped with a tool-changing system and end-effectors, executing multiple tasks swiftly and efficiently.

  • Uses an industrial six-axis robotic arm that runs 24/7 and is easily maintained
  • Takes up minimal footprint with a small working area and is mounted on wheels for mobility
  • Programmed to prepare sunny-side-up and omelette eggs and can be reprogrammed to cook other dishes

Why StarHub?

Trusted by customers
StarHub has built strong relationships with our customers and gained their trust and confidence in our solutions and capabilities over the years.
At the forefront of technology
StarHub is the first to introduce RaaS to the hospitality sector in Singapore and is a strategic key partner of Savioke who is the first mover in hospitality delivery robotics.
Successful track record
StarHub has strong working relationships with successful integration projects with major hotel system providers (PBX, in-room automation, IPTC, elevators, etc).
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