Feature-rich platform to jazz up your storefront


A wide range of advanced ecommerce features - from omni-channel selling and secure hosting, to unlimited storage and bandwidth, and much more - all with zero transaction fees.


Your branding in the theme you want it.

  • Own Domain Name 
    Register a domain name of your choice that will be used for your storefront.
  • Mobile-friendly Site
    Built-in mobile-friendly store so your customers can browse and buy from their mobile devices too.
  • Professional Themes
    Choose from predesigned themes to get your storefront started as soon as possible.

User Interface

Unified platform to control your storefront.

  • Product Management
    Feature unlimited number of products on your site.
  • User Management
    Manage customer accounts, pricing or discount structures.
  • Reporting
    Integrated with Google analytics, study visitor stats, trends, sales.


Fulfill your customers’ orders with ease.

  • Order Management
    End-to-end processing from add to cart, checkout, confirmation to delivery.
  • Email Triggers
    Keep your customers updated through order confirmations, payment and shipping.
  • Abandoned Card Recovery*
    Encourage purchase with automated emails to incomplete shopping carts.


Let the profits roll in.

  • Easy Setup
    Start transacting quickly with a foolproof payment gateway process.
  • Zero Transaction Fee
    Start transacting quickly with a foolproof payment gateway process.
  • Multiple Payment Modes
    Supports a large array of payment options ranging from PayPal, credit cards and direct bank debit and option to sign up with payment gateway.


Enable your customers to locate your store.

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
    Enhanced search engine optimisation that ensures easy location of your online store using keyword or product description search.
  • Customer Profiles
    Understand your customers’ shopping habits and order history to better cater to their demands.
  • Email Marketing
    Integrated with MailChimp, create and schedule campaigns to targeted audience with your latest offers and products.


Satisfy your customers with prompt fulfilment.

  • Courier Integration
    Integrated with major Singapore courier providers for speedy delivery.
  • Courier Pricing
    Create customized delivery options and rates based on predetermined conditions.
  • Order Tracking
    Track all orders in the shop itself, if integrated with courier’s website.

*Available as chargeable value-added service (VAS)

Select the plan best suited to your business


Start your business by registering a domain name so that your customers can find you easily, and differentiate yourself from your competition.

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