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1. What makes Deskera CRM unique?

Deskera CRM allows you to easily manage all your sales, marketing and customer support information. Adding, updating and navigating through all your details is as easy as using a spreadsheet. It ensures that all your tasks get completed in three clicks or less. It incorporates 'Click and Type' functionality that allows you to select, edit and manipulate any data as per your requirement, without the need of navigating through any additional tabs or menus. With the 'Save as you type' functionality, you can be assured that all your data is recorded as soon as it is entered into the system.

2. What does Deskera CRM offer?

Deskera CRM primarily revolves around the Sales, Marketing and Customer Support functions of the organisation. The application provides users with easy-to-use functionality across all these functions through its comprehensive modules. It also provides Lead Management, Account Management, Contact Management, Opportunity Management, Campaign Management, Case Management and Activity Management capabilities. Other than these, the Document Management function facilitates centralised document storage for quick and permission-based access to all documents related to the leads, accounts, contacts, opportunities and more. Additionally, reports can be generated based on the organisation’s KPIs for quick analysis of its processes.

3. What is a 'Mashboard'?

Deskera CRM brings to you the next generation of Dashboards – called ‘Mashboards’- which provide new, and hybrid dashboard design techniques, incorporating all the features of the previous generation dashboards in a real-time, customisable format. They allow 'mashing' or dragging-and-dropping of content and adding useful applications known as ‘widgets’. The CRM Mashboard is a visually intuitive homepage for your Deskera CRM application where you can find the most important information regarding your sales, marketing and customer support functions. Data from the system is presented in the form of intuitive graphs and charts to ease decision-making by the executives.


4. How do I add Email Marketing to a campaign?

To add Email Marketing to a campaign, follow these steps:

  • Create a new campaign by simply clicking on a new row in the campaign tab and adding campaign details. Choose the campaign type as 'Email Marketing'.
  • Select the campaign and click the 'Email Marketing' button.
  • Click on 'Add Email Marketing' and fill in the required details. Choose a pre-defined email template and add target list(s). Click on 'Submit' to save the details.
  • Click on 'Send Mail' to send the selected email template to your target lists.
  • Click on 'View Status' to monitor the effectiveness of your email campaigns in terms of actual number of emails sent, customer views and email subscribers.
5. How are leads created in Deskera CRM?

Capture all relevant information on potential sales opportunities or prospects, i.e. individuals who have expressed some interest in your product or company, through lead details which can be easily added in the system using an intuitive spreadsheet type interface. Users can also mass import lead information from external sources in CSV or XLS formats.


6. What is the process of converting a lead?

The application allows conversion of leads into accounts or opportunities. These can also be added to the contact list. Conversion can be undertaken only for a prequalified lead. Users can uncheck opportunity if they do not want to create an opportunity for the account. The status of the lead changes to ‘qualified’ after it has been converted to an opportunity. Lead converted to an account is removed from the lead home page.


7. How can I import existing accounts in Deskera CRM?

Accounts can be easily imported in Deskera CRM using a CSV/XLS file. Deskera CRM allows you to map headers in the imported file with the headers in your Deskera CRM Account List by simply dragging and dropping column headers. It detects the accounts having similar details with your existing list. It also lets you resolve conflict of duplicate accounts by replacing existing details with the imported accounts or mapping imported accounts with your existing accounts. This ultimately helps you to save new account details to any of your existing accounts or even rejecting the imported accounts that are conflicting to retain your original accounts and only import accounts without any conflict with the existing accounts.


8. Can I create opportunities without a relation with Accounts?

Opportunity is the potential realised in an existing customer for a new business transaction or related buying. Hence, all opportunities must be linked with an account. This holds true when a new opportunity is created as well as when a lead is converted.


9. How are cases captured in Deskera CRM?

Capture detailed description of a customer's feedback, problems or questions as case details which can be easily added in the system using an intuitive spreadsheet type interface. Effectively manage cases by tracking customer queries through regular updates and associated activity details.


10. How can I use Deskera CRM Reports?

Deskera CRM Reports offers powerful Customer Intelligence that empowers you to analyse information regarding customer details and activities through a comprehensive list of standard reports such as Lead by Status, Cases by Status, Key Contacts and more. You can filter your reports on parameters such as dates, and use quick search to filter for specific key terms. Additionally, you can export reports in convenient formats, customised by the templates you define. Get a quick overview of the reports you wish to see with intuitive graphs that come with the reports.

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