Manage your business the smart way, with SmartBusiness.


Instead of paying full upfront charges for your software, SmartBusiness allows you to subscribe to the software you need and pay a monthly charge for as long as you use the software. You can add new users or remove existing users flexibly according to your needs and manage all your SaaS billing in one consolidated bill. 

Speed of deployment

Software is traditionally sold in boxes and needs to be physically installed while the procurement process may take a couple of weeks to complete. SmartBusiness reduces the time to deploy as the procurement process can be completed online and the service can be provisioned quickly. 

Work anywhere

Most software data is stored in the device memory, or on a centralised server which you may not be able to access outside of the office. Cloud-based software allows you to access your data anywhere on your own device, giving you true mobility to work anywhere. 


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SMEs Go Digital

Free 6 months subscription for Accounting, HRMS, cyber security, digital marketing solutions and other categories.

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Enterprise Internet

Experience premium enterprise grade Internet Services with bandwidths ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

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Switched Ethernet

Connect your business cost-effectively via an intelligent network service. 

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