Voicemail Rates


Registration fee: FREE

Monthly subscription: FREE
Local usage charges: 16.06 cents/min, pay-as-you-use


Prevailing roaming usage charges apply when service is used overseas.



Enhanced Voicemail

Power Mail

Number of messages 5 20 25
Duration per message 1 minute 2 minutes 1.5 minutes
Message retention for new messages 4 days 5 days 7 days
Message retention for saved messages 2 days 4 days 3 days
Notification when mailbox is full Yes Yes Yes
Automatic callback No No Yes
Greetings 1 personalised greeting 1 personalised greeting 4 personalised greetings
Wake-up call service No No Yes
Language Default – English Choose either English or Chinese during the service registration Choose either English or Chinese during the service registration
Message re-directing Yes – Voice messages Yes – Voice messages Yes – Voice & fax messages
Message forwarding No No Yes – Voice & fax messages
Message broadcast list No No 2 (can programme up to 5 local numbers per list)
Fax capability No No Yes
Web interface No No Yes
Additional message devices (other than SMS notification) No No Yes
8-digit local outdials No No Yes – 2 devices (other mobile/fixed line phones)
Registration fee FREE $10 Waived
Monthly subscription FREE $5 $6
Local Missed Call Alerts

Never miss another call again. SMS alerts containing missed call numbers allow you to return missed calls.

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Video Calls

Catch up face-to-face even when you are calling from your mobile phone.

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Add-On Services

Connect wherever you are, on whatever devices you need, with these value added services.

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Mobile Value-Added Services

Add more value to your business and enjoy even greater savings with our complimentary and add-on mobile services.

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