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Providing better management of your workforce, as and when you need it.


Your operations may run 24 x 7 but you will not always be there. The Workforce Manager portal can be accessed through a mobile device or laptop, giving you the power to monitor your staff from wherever you are.

Customer Satisfaction

Having the right information at your fingertips can help you to better manage your workforce. With Workforce Manager providing accurate and timely information of your staff, you have greater control over resource allocation, thereby increasing productivity and customer satisfaction.


While mobile data coverage is growing and becoming more prevalent in Singapore, there are still areas where coverage may be poor. Workforce Manager uses SMS for data transfer instead of using cellular data. This makes data transfer more reliable wherever you may need to deploy your employees.



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Connect your network of devices wherever they are to make them work together for you.

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M2M Routers

3G/4G LTE enterprise-grade M2M routers.

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M2M Fleet Manager

Track your vehicles wherever they go to improve visibility, control and efficiency.

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