Optimising your most important resource: your workforce
Your staff are the biggest asset to helping your business succeed, therefore keeping track of them is crucial. M2M Workforce Manager gives you an overview on staff location and job monitoring to help you utilise your resources better and increase your productivity. 


LBS SIM cards

Most mobile devices track location through GPS, which isn’t power-efficient. Instead, Workforce Manager uses an LBS SIM card, a device and OS-agnostic card that contains an applet on its SIM memory and consumes less power. This allows your mobile device’s battery life to last longer and incur less data charges as data transfer is done through SMS.


Job assignment and notification

This feature enables you to dynamically assign the employee nearest to the job and provide reminders before the job begins. Managers will be notified if your employees arrive late or leave early before their work is completed.


Customised reports

Reports are useful in monitoring performances and as reference for your records. Workforce Manager has several report templates that monitor events, messages and staff locations. You can also easily customise additional reports based on your business needs.



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Connect your network of devices wherever they are to make them work together for you.

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M2M Routers

3G/4G LTE enterprise-grade M2M routers.

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M2M Fleet Manager

Track your vehicles wherever they go to improve visibility, control and efficiency.

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