Retain better visibility and control of your fleet.
With a large fleet to manage, you'll need more than an eye in the sky. M2M Fleet Manager gives you full visibility - monitor your vehicles and their operators' performance with smart devices that provide you with data on where they are, where they're going, and how they're doing.


Near real-time location information

Fleet Manager provides per minute updates to your vehicles’ locations with a GPS signal tolerance of 20m, giving you accurate and timely information anytime you need it.


Historical trace and playback

Review 6 months of data with the choice to playback the vehicles’ journey. This data helps you optimise your delivery routes and investigate incidents.


Monitoring and notification

Fleet Manager allows you to monitor your vehicles’ locations and speed easily. An alert can be sent to a designated email address or mobile number when a vehicle crosses a geographical boundary (e.g. travelling overseas) or is found to be speeding.



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3G/4G LTE enterprise-grade M2M routers.

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