Making compliance more convenient and building trust a lot easier


Sure, your company may already be using another app or solution to record transactional mobile phone calls. But how reliable is it? Does it really capture all calls you need to in high quality? Why wait to be penalised with hefty fines and risk your company’s trustworthiness and business credibility?

Did you know that companies can be fined as much as US$725,000 for each instance of non-compliance with banking regulations?

Maintain business efficiency and integrity


Compliant Mobile Recording makes complying with regulations and supporting your corporate governance agenda easier and more efficient. All its features are designed to make sure that your business can enjoy these real-world benefits:

Convenient recording for you and your employees

Being a network-based service means your Relationship Managers and other employees who transact with customers don’t need to download and launch an app just to record. As soon as a call takes place, the system kicks in and all calls are automatically recorded. Bypassing the recording platform is eliminated.


Coverage in Singapore and beyond

As one of the largest telcos in Singapore, you can be assured of coverage anywhere in the country. StarHub also has the fastest 4G LTE network in the world* (as of Sept 2015*) and mobile roaming partners in 200 countries. So your employees can do business and stay compliant even if they’re overseas.


Cost-efficient and secure compliance solution

With Compliant Mobile Recording, customers can store recordings in the cloud for up to 7 years as per regulatory mandates. No copies are kept on our network after they’ve been verified as delivered to the customer, maintaining the security and integrity of your business, and the protection of your customers.

Harness the power of a global service provider
StarHub partnered with IPC Systems–a world leader in mobile voice recording solutions and cloud storage.
Here’s a quick look at who IPC Systems are and why you couldn’t ask for a better partner:
Experienced international provider

Over 40 customers which include some of the world’s largest Tier 1 financial institutions

Reliable large-scale capabilities

Records over 8M calls yearly and 40,000 calls daily.

Power to process 5,000 concurrent calls

Records, stores and delivers calls even if all users call at the same time

Quality service with 100% of calls captured

Thanks to platform buffering capability, all calls are fully captured, and recorded in high quality.

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