• 													Customer Relationship 
    Management (CRM)

  • Customer Relationship
    Management (CRM)

Engage your customers with personalised
and targeted marketing based on actionable insights.

Store and manage prospect and customer information, such as contact details, transaction amount, product items, in one central online platform. With your CRM on the Cloud, you can access the latest customer information anytime, anywhere.

The intelligent marketing tool also allows you to easily create personalised communications and send them out via email or SMS.

Start growing your customer relationships, win new ones and accelerate your business growth.

Core Features

Member management

Create your own customer database and look up on their preferences & shopping habits in just a click.

Communication platform

Design personalised marketing campaigns in real time and send them via email or SMS.


Feedback management

Gather customer feedback easily by crafting surveys in minutes using drag-drop functions.



Gain actionable insights into your customers’ shopping behaviour.

  • Integrated into mPOS, our CRM solution consolidates the customer data from various engagement touchpoints, allowing you to better understand your customers.

Enhance customer engagement with personalised marketing.

  • Effectively retarget your customers based on their shopping behaviours via multiple channels from email to mobile to social media.

Drive informed business decisions.

  • With a unified overview of your customers and their preferences, you can strategically employ the relevant tools and engagement methods to drive revenue and increase loyalty.

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