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  • Accounting Management

Simplify your revenue management with financial reports at a glance.

Manage your business finances efficiently by keeping up-to-date on all your expenditure and spending with our Account Management Software. Bookkeeping, billing and invoicing now made easy via one user-friendly Cloud solution that is highly secured, ensuring maximum protection for your confidential business data.

You’re always ready for tax time with our IRAS Approved and GST compliant Account Management Software customised exclusively for SMEs.

Core Features

StarHub real time reports for revenue management

Real-time reports

Generate and view financial reports such as Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Statement of Account and more in real time.

StarHub business management solution

Hassle-free updates

Ensure compliance with Singapore’s latest accounting standards with automatic software updates according to the changes in tax requirements.


access StarHub business management reports

Cloud solution

Access, monitor and download reports and receive real-time data updates on-the-go, on any device.



Get real-time visibility of your business performance.

  • See your key information at one glance to determine your business health by analysing data on cash flow, cash to loan gearing data, return on capital and more.


Manage your financial data with ease.

  • Ease the filing of GST Form 5 and IRAS Audit File (IAF) with our IRAS and GST compliant software.
  • Accelerate your financial closure with a consolidated account that synchronises domestic and overseas branches effortlessly.


Secure your confidential business data.

  • Enjoy peace-of-mind with our highly secured software that conducts offsite daily backups and protects it with encrypted SSL connectivity.
  • Set different levels of data access to the respective staff with two levels of management approval.

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