Transform your business with
Smart Retail Suite.

Shifting consumer preferences. Manpower shortages and high staff wages. Lowered productivity.
These are common challenges of Retail and F&B stores in this digital age. To find new avenues for growth, businesses need to expand their market outreach and optimise business processes by
adopting a host of new digital technologies.

Digitalisation is the key to streamline processes and boost store revenue. With digital solutions such as footfall analytics, POS, CRM, automation, mobile ordering, omni-channel marketing and digital accounting softwares, you can better engage your customers, reduce manpower costs and raise operational efficiency.

As an IMDA partner under the SMEs Go Digital programme, StarHub will provide SMEs a one-stop service through curated digital solutions. StarHub will select, evaluate and package digital solutions into a single, seamless Smart Retail Suite to ease digital solution adoption by Retail and F&B merchants.

Stay ahead of the competition and revitalise your store with our comprehensive and simple-to-use digital solution packages.

Plus, eligible merchants may enjoy up to 70% funding support.

Kickstart your digitalisation journey with us to increase productivity and boost your store revenue today!


Up to 70% grant subsidy.

Subsidies are capped at $12,000 per outlet. To check if you are eligible, click here.


Drive better business decisions.

Leverage valuable data analytics such as customer demographics, buying behaviour, expenditure, preferences and in-store footfall to make informed business decisions.


Ease business operations.

Boost productivity by automating business processes such as accounting, point-of-sales and inventory management.


Enhance customer experience.

Attract more customers by sending personalised promotions catered to different groups of customers.


Enjoy the convenience of integrated solutions.

Our digital solutions are inter-operable and can be integrated with one another to deliver a seamless business process.


Why StarHub?

StarHub is an imda partner under smes go digital

Approved Curator by IMDA
  • As an IMDA partner under the SMEs Go Digital programme, StarHub will select, evaluate and package easy-to-use and cost effective digital solutions for the Retail and Food Services sectors
  • Eligible merchants enjoy up to 70% funding support


StarHub provides enterprise grade security systems

Enterprise-grade Security Systems and Seamless Pre-integration
  • Rest assured your confidential customer data and business information is well protected with our enterprise-grade security systems
  • Our pre-integrated solutions remove barriers of implementation cost and ensure seamless interoperability between solutions


StarHub is a one-stop digital solutions partner

One-stop Solutions Partner
  • Simplify business operations with a one-stop service from installation, billing, training, trouble-shooting to after-sales support
  • Enjoy peace of mind with service and support from our 24/7 helpdesk


In-store Analytics & Engagement

Harness valuable business data and build your own customer database via Guest Wi-Fi.

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Accounting Management Software

Simplify your revenue management with financial reports at a glance.

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Fibre Broadband Promotions

Get access to high-speed broadband connectivity at an incredible rate that comes with FREE firewall protection

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