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StarHub Autodesk Reseller Program


The StarHub Autodesk Reseller Program enables qualifed partners to resell StarHub and Autodesk feature-rich, high performance services to your customers.


Drive your business growth & profitability with StarHub’s proven strengths in info-communications distribution. Meet and exceed your customers’ needs across multiple industries with our comprehensive suite of Autodesk solutions today.

Why Partner StarHub


StarHub is the first telco to be appointed as the official Autodesk Value Added Distributor in Asia Pacific and Singapore. As a fully integrated service provider, we can help your business to develop additional revenue streams and expand your customer base across industries with Autodesk's leading 3D design and engineering software, but StarHub's suite of cutting edge info-communications solutions.

  • Tap on our Vast Market Reach 
  • Exclusive StarHub Business Solutions and Bundling Deals 
  • Leverage on Joint Marketing Opportunities 
  • Get Full Support with our StarHub Referral Program
  • Be Rewarded with our Partner Advantage Program

Join our Reseller Program
Expand your Customer Industry Outreach


As a reseller of Autodesk solutions, you will be able to cross-expand your business offerings to clients from diverse industries – from architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing to media and entertainment. Start reaching out to a wider audience today.


Build more sales, gain recognition and enjoy rewards as a StarHub Autodesk reseller. Join one of the most successful channel partner programs in Singapore and enjoy the following benefits :

Tap on our Vast Market Reach


Reach out to our ready audience and achieve market reach of over 2 million mobile users, 536K iPTV households, 476K broadband users and 251K digital voice users.

Exclusive StarHub Bundling Deals


Pitch our robust bundled solutions to your customers and enjoy additional pull-through revenue from our other mobile and connectivity products.

Leverage on Joint Marketing Opportunities


Be featured alongside StarHub at trade shows, customer seminars and business association/chamber events. You can also tap on our established marketing engine for enterprise outreach and lead generation.

Get Full Support with our StarHub Referral Program


Gain access to comprehensive specialist trainings, with our highly skilled sales teams assisting you in reselling Business Solutions more effectively.

Already with us?
Get rewarded with the Partner Advantage Program


StarHub rewards our Value Added Resellers who drive growth and deliver high sales performance. Simply achieve Authorisation Requirements by performance and the number of Unique Sales Staff, Technical Staff and Marketing Staff to qualify for our program.


When you join our reseller program, you gain access to an exclusive suite of perks to help you expand your business opportunities and better build relationship with your customers. Speak to us to understand how you can become a Autodesk reseller.

Partner Advantage Program
Incentive Benefits


End Customer programs
  • Large Project Incentive
  • Specialization Discount
  • Nurture & Adoptation Discount


Reseller programs
  • Tier Benefit Program (TBP) for New Subscription
  • Tier Benefit Program for Maintenance
  • Subscription Growth Incentive
  • Autodesk Subscription Incentive

Expand your customer offerings today

Speak to us today to enroll your organization as a StarHub Autodesk reseller.

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