Clear Your Information Highway of Speed Bumps
You only have seconds to capture the attention of your customer. Pages loading slowly? Files taking too long to download? They close the window. They don’t buy.
CDN puts all that bandwidth-hogging data, like video streams and large files, closer to your customers, making it always fast, and always available. Engage them anytime, anywhere. Serve up a smooth and speedy viewing, download, and e-commerce experience on any device, regardless of traffic or server problems.

Don’t lose customers to the unpredictable.
Ensure your online delivery is efficient–and always works.
Lightning-fast website performance
Accelerate your content delivery with blistering speed and constant availability.
Adapt to engage any customer
Easily adapt to meet the challenges of varying customer devices and networks.
100% availability, 24/7 support
Collect and analyse user behaviour data to implement improvements smartly.



Insights for smarter user engagement

Very few things are one-size-fits-all, and definitely not the customer experience. If you are to keep up with user demands, you first have to know what those are.

CDN shows you how your customers are interacting with your site, so you can continually improve on ‘better’. Break down the traffic you’re getting—how much, how often, from where. What’s working and what’s not becomes crystal clear.

With insights gained through analytics, know how your content is performing at the edge. And with that knowledge, attract and retain more customers.
Know what’s going on
Live reports keep you on top of your site’s performance and customer interactions.
Greater efficiency and ROI
Reap higher returns by catering to your customers the way they want - efficiently.
Optimise the experience
Apply data-driven insights to tweak and customise the user experience for best results



Office Broadband

Connect your office with reliable fibre broadband solutions based on Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGN-BN).

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Enterprise Internet

Experience premium enterprise grade Internet Services with bandwidths ranging from 2Mbps to 10Gbps.

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IP Transit

Extend your coverage with IP Transit Service by StarHub Singapore. We allow excellent global and regional coverage for carrier-grade IP transit service.

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Switched Ethernet

Connect your business cost-effectively via an intelligent network service. 

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