Fast, reliable, adaptable and all that a Content Delivery Network should be
Whether yours is an e-commerce portal, an online media and software provider, or any other website that caters to lots of customers, your profits depend on your ability to deliver an impressive user experience. And yet, companies are losing billions due to unreliable, unsatisfactory web performance driving away customers. You should not be facing these problems.

StarHub’s Content Delivery Network keeps you abreast of what today’s users want.

With quick-loading web pages, fast downloads, smooth media streams, and round-the-clock accessibility on any device, anywhere, engage customers like your website is a physical storefront. And with information gathered on their interactions, know where and how to improve on your services.

Content Delivery Network is a specialised program that arms your online business with better performance and coverage, especially in the Asia Pacific region.


The future of content delivery

Accelerate your content delivery with blistering speed and constant availability.


Scalable to changing business needs

Easily adapt to meet the challenges of varying customer devices and networks.


Valuable insight into your customers

Collect and analyse user behaviour data to implement improvements smartly.


Media and file delivery

Reliable service with seamless video streaming and blazing fast downloads.


Media and content analytics

Understand your customers’ behavior and personalise the user experience.


The scientific response to a slow website

Everyday, people experience delays and lag time, which can cause a fair amount of stress. Don't let your website be a source of frustration. Your website performance can affect visitor experience, which can greatly impact your bottomline. Here's why.

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Find out how Content Delivery Network can help your business

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Connect your office with reliable fibre broadband solutions based on Next Generation National Broadband Network (NGN-BN).

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Enterprise Internet

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IP Transit

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Switched Ethernet

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