Robotic Process Automation


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the process of using software robots to automate the execution of a task or process which can be either too expensive or inefficient for humans. Available in either attended or unattended environment, these software robots can manipulate or enter data, trigger other processes or communicate with other systems.

RPA is deployed within an existing infrastructure, minimising disruption to other systems. The realised benefits of RPA include immense cost efficiency, improved compliance, consistently accurate, highly scalable and speed of execution.

Unattended automation is where there are little to no human intervention, Unattended robots can be triggered by events or scheduled, typically in the backroom where large amounts of data are manipulated, analysed or acted upon.

Attended automation requires human intervention as part of the process collaboration or communication within the business activity.

Use Cases

artificial intelligence and automation in retail

Retail Industry: Delivery Scheduling

Instead of calling customers for their schedule delivery, RPA can be used to automate schedules directly. When a workflow triggers a delivery, an IVR calls the customer and records their IVR responses on delivery schedule. The delivery vendor's schedule is booked and a confirmation notice can be sent via email to the customer automatically.

robotic process automation in financial services

Financial Services Industry: Digitising and Processing Documents

Labourous processing of forms and input errors can be eliminated by RPA using advanced Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities. Using software robots that read and extract data, high volume of scanned documents be posted to enterprise applications including SAP, Oracle and or other proprietary systems in near real time.

StarHub rpa in infotmation technology industry

Information Technology Industry: Automated Testing

A self-service RPA allows diagnosis and testing of a customer’s product without having to wait for post-sale customer service. By selecting the relevant options from a digital menu, specific RPA can be automatically triggered to match the customer’s input and authorisation. Network testing, troubleshooting and rectification would then commence in real-time.

robotic process automation in HR systems

Human Resource: Automatic Registration

RPA can automate the manually intensive and error-prone process of copying data from employee contracts to different HR systems. These include populating government or posting to external banking systems, thereby saving resources and improving reporting accuracy.

rpa delivers deeper marketing data insights

Marketing: Delivering Insights rather than Data

RPA can boost your analysis of competitive and market data for marketing. Software robots match and analyse data scraped from competitive and industry web sites, before correlating them with internal CRM and Sales systems to produce an accurate, up-to-date and consolidated competitive analysis for review.

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