Facial Recognition


Facial recognition technology is another AI-driven application using biometrics to map facial features from a photograph or video. Facial images are translated to data and compared with a database of known gallery data to find a match.

Facial recognition can be from a static image source, or from multiple surveillance video streams. Powered by deep learning algorithms, facial recognition solutions can be integrated for tracking surveillance, trajectory analysis, population management and access authentication.

There are 3 main classes of AI-driven facial recognition:

StarHub AI driven Image Facial Recognition
Image Facial Recognition
Provide face detection from image source, which include feature extraction, attribute analysis, attribute comparison, and target retrieval from a vast facial image database. Commonly use cases include identity verifications of crime suspects, ID check at public places of entertainment and gateway security checks.
Artificial Intelligence Video Facial Recognition
Video Facial Recognition
Provide face detection in surveillance video streams which include face tracking, feature extraction & comparison. Use cases include public security & criminal investigation, visitor recognition and access for hospitality & roll call in education institutions.
Artificial Intelligence 3D Facial Recognition
3D Facial Recognition
Use living body detection, card recognition, and facial comparison to authenticate users. Built-in intelligence overcomes attempt of facial copying by using static images, masks, or digital projection. Use cases include facilitating online transactions such as finance apps and service platforms, and offline activities used by intelligent self-service terminal devices in banks or unlocking mobile device or other hardware in logistics and transportation.

Discover how StarHub leverages AI technology for image, video and 3D facial recognition.

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