AI-driven Enterprise Search Engine


Having an Enterprise Search Engine to power across all internal and external sources is essential to find the right data in this era of information explosion. Unlike internet search engines, advanced enterprise search engines use deep web algorithms supplemented with built-in smart bots, connectors and machine learning to extract meaningful data in real-time across all internal and external sources

Single Interface Search Across Enterprise Applications

Through a single interface, enterprises can conduct searches across all enterprise applications, storage, databases, documents and files including ERP, CRM, cloud storage, collaboration software and intranet as well as within public domain. 

Data Security at User & Document Level

Besides indexing and federating documents and data sources, Enterprise Search Engine combines document and role-based security to ensure only users or groups with permission can see search results and access documents specific for that role. APIs are also available to enable the search engine to provide data visualisation to enhance insights. 

Use Cases

Enterprise search engine used within healthcare

Healthcare: Access patient records with ease

Leverage Enterprise Search Engine as an enterprise data tool to unify disparate systems onto a single search platform. Regardless of geographic territories or entities, healthcare professionals would be able to search and access patient records from different subsystems, portals or platforms even from different hospitals, family physicians, insurance and social services systems.

Enterprise search engine used for finance

Finance: Eliminate the need for multiple system checks

Credit ratings and financial records of customers from various resources including governmental, banking and credit card subsystems can be accessed conveniently instead of performing checks on multiple systems. Secured by design, all search and access are secured to meet the security scrutiny of the finance industry.

enterprise search engine used for legal

Legal: Locate data across multivendor environments

Enterprise Search Engine can empower corporate departments to radically enhance eDiscovery for evidence and discovery generation. Use the largest database of connectors commercially available, the search engine can index and locate data on multivendor environments and applications to perform a thorough search of the immense data set comprising legal cases and law records.

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