Frequently Asked Questions - StarHub Referral Program


  1. What is StarHub Referral Program?
    StarHub Referral Program is an online portal created for referrals partners to submit warm leads of BRN customers who are interested in StarHub Business Services, without the hassle of calling in the hotline.

  2. Who can be a StarHub Referral Partner?
    The Referral Program is opened to both individuals and companies incorporated or registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA).

  3. What qualifies to be a valid lead?
    A lead refers to a customer that is keen to sign up New StarHub Business Products and Services, excluding renewal of existing StarHub Business Products and Services. Customer must be a company, business, partnership or organisation incorporated or registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority of Singapore (ACRA) or such equivalent authority in the relevant country of incorporation or registration.

  4. How to refer a lead via StarHub Referral Portal?
    All referrals are required to register as an approved StarHub Referral Partner via the StarHub Referral Portal before they can upload any warm leads to us. We strongly encourage the referrals to call our Partners Contact Centre (Tel: 6822 1688) so that we can connect with you first.

  5. How to register be a StarHub Referral Partner?
    Interested Referrals may register as a StarHub Referral Partner at the registration site.

  6. What happens after submitting a lead via StarHub Referral Portal?
    The Partner Contact personnel will call the Referral to verify certain details of the Customer before sending a quotation and application form to either the Referral or Customer directly.

  7. What is the commission payout for every successful lead referred?
    Our commission schemes vary for different StarHub Business Product and Services. Once the Referral Partner has successfully registered as an approved StarHub Referral Partner, the commission scheme will be shared with them.

  8. What are the StarHub Business Products and Services a Referral Partner can refer to StarHub?
    You can refer the below business services via the Referral Partner Portal:
    •  StarHub Business Internet Services
    •  StarHub Business Mobile
    • StarHub Business Voice (ISDN / SIP / Office lines)
    • StarHub Business TV
    • StarHub Facilities Management (Co-lo)
    • StarHub Managed Services / Professional Services
  9. Who will update the Customer about the sales’ status after the submission of the warm lead?
    The Partner Contact Personnel will be the main contact point to follow up with the customer on the status of the sales. Referral Partner can choose to obtain updates from the Partner Contact Personnel if they choose to update the customer directly.

  10. What support will a StarHub Referral Partner get from StarHub?
    As a Referral Partner, you will get the latest sales collaterals of StarHub Business Solutions promotions, product trainings and limited pre-sales and post-sales support for complex sales requirements.

  11. Can a StarHub Referral Partner use StarHub logos on their collaterals?
    No. Only StarHub Exclusive Channel Partners are able to use the designated StarHub Partner Logos on their collaterals. (For example, Name cards, Flyers, Websites, Emails, etc.) 

  12. Are there any targets for StarHub Referral Partners?
    As a StarHub Referral Partner, there will not be any target expectation loaded to you but good performer will be promoted to become our Exclusive Channel Partner.  

  13. What is the difference between a StarHub Referral Partner and a StarHub Exclusive Channel Partner?
    As a StarHub Exclusive Partner, you will receive more support from StarHub and is entitled to a more comprehensive commission structure as compared to a StarHub Referral Partner.

    You may like to call the Partners Contact Centre hotline at 6822 1688, should you have any other clarifications or enquiries.