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Innovate. Invest. Incubate.

With innovation, there will be breakthroughs.
With investment, there can be growth.
With incubation, there is only opportunity.

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capital of belief

If you have a great idea, you are in the right place. Many startups have great ideas, but lack the know-how on how to move their ideas forward.

StarHub i3 would like to help you get started. StarHub i3 can provide you with funding, incubation facilities, mentorship, business networking, etc. to assist you in your go-to-market endeavours, both in Singapore and overseas.

We aim to partner start-ups, and turn them into the next big thing.


Some invest
in stocks,
some in property We invest
in imagination

We are on the lookout for companies that have synergies with our existing business models, and with the potential to grow regionally and globally.


Our bottom
line is measured in change


StarHub i3 brings together all the essential ingredients for ideas to become reality. But we're not just here to bring creativity to life: we're here to create tangible market value for creators.

We are here to discover and deliver new engines of growth outside of traditional business models, by forging new partnerships, forming regional think tanks and incubating ideas from innovative entrepreneurs.



Have an idea you'd like us to look at or a question for us to answer?