• 													Leap into the future with StarHub SmartDigital.

    The fastest, most affordable way to digitalise your business.
  • Leap into the future with StarHub SmartDigital.

    The fastest, most affordable way to digitalise your business.

The fastest, most affordable way to digitalise your business.

Digitalisation offers a multitude of benefits to businesses. It can help extend your reach to new markets, improve business efficiency, and increase cost savings.

With digitalisation, old and new businesses alike are now able to reach a new world of opportunities. While transforming your business can be daunting, we know that it doesn't have to be difficult-or expensive.

With our extensive digital experience, we developed StarHub SmartDigital, a suite of cloud-based digital solutions that your business will need to start your digitalisation journey on the right foot.

StarHub SMEs Go Digital Programme
Enjoy FREE 6 months subscription*

StarHub SmartDigital is under the Start Digital initiative supported by ESG and IMDA. Under this initiative, you enjoy FREE 6 months subscription* to any two (or more) digital solutions of your choice.



SmartDigital can be integrated into your business seamlessly, and can quickly increase productivity, improve innovation, and expand customer reach.

4 ways SmartDigital can help reduce costs
Zero cost for software updates
Cloud-based apps are constantly improved and updated at no extra costs to your business.
No need for additional hardware
They require very little resources, so there’s no need to upgrade, or invest in additional hardware.
Enterprise-grade security
These applications are secured by the same (robust) security standards used by large enterprises.
Streamline labour-intensive processes
Ease-of-use and automation reduces the time needed for time-consuming processes like payroll or accounting.


If you have specific digital needs, simply customise your own bundle to enjoy the promotion. Get any 2 (or more) digital solutions FREE for 6 months with a 2-year contract.

Online HR/ Payroll
  • Netiquette Payroll and HRMS
  • UOB BizSmart Micro One (HReasily)
Online Accounting
  • Netiquette Accounting Management System
  • UOB BizSmart Micro One (Enterpryze)
Digital Transaction
  • UOB BizSmart (EzyProcure)
Digital Marketing
  • StarHub Enterprise Messaging
Cyber Security
  • StarHub SmartSecure


*Terms and conditions apply.

Find out how you can digitalise your business!


The solutions are supported by ESG and IMDA, under the SMEs Go Digital Programme. If you have any comments and feedback on Start Digital Pack, you can send us via the Start Digital feedback form.

Other support available for SMEs
If you need more advanced digital solutions or other support, please visit www.imda.gov.sg/SMEsGoDigital for further information on SMEs Go Digital.