Get the tools you need for your Business Continuity Plan

In our current times, staying connected is essential for any business. And we understand the issues that local SMEs face.

That’s why we’re providing you with a range of solutions to keep your business resilient.

So you can enjoy seamless Communication and Connectivity, even when working in a challenging business climate.

Advertising credits for every dollar you spend

Reach out to both new and existing customers with our advertising platforms.

Recontract or sign up for any eligible service with our BCP Support Programme, and we’ll give you advertising credits for every dollar you spend. You can even get 1.5x the credits when you sign up mobile services via our SME Online Store!


Stay in touch with both employees and customers.


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Get reliable solutions for your remote working arrangements.


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asian businessman and businesswoman overtime work and discuss something in the office

Pick the right productivity solution for your business.

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Advertising credits

Reach more customers with free credits for our advertising platforms.

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