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Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is Enterprise Internet?

Enterprise Internet is our dedicated and premium internet service designed for data-reliant customers and fast-growing businesses. This solution covers a full spectrum of enterprise connectivity needs – from interlinking telecommuter networks to connecting branch offices, and from providing remote access to WAN environments to enabling high-speed, high-volume data transfers. 


Q2. What does the promotion entails?

FREE 3 months (no contract) on 100Mbps Enterprise Internet. Thereafter, upon signing up a new contract with a bandwidth upgrade, you can enjoy a 20% discount on the regular subscription price.


Q3. Who can apply for the free months promotion?

We welcome all new to Starhub Enterprise internet customers to try out Singapore’s fastest network. We offer this promotion to allow customers to experience our network before deciding if they want to sign up with us for a long term.


Q4. Is there any bundled router for this promotion?

For FREE 3 months (no contract) on 100Mbps, there is no bundled router. Customer will need to use their own or lease the router from us, where standard monthly recurring charge for rental of equipment will apply. 


Q5. What happens after the free 3 months is over?

Customer can choose to sign up 12/ 24/ 36 months contract term or to terminate the service. If StarHub did not receive any notice from customer to terminate the service, the monthly recurring charge of $2,610 will start from the 4th month onwards.


Q6. Are there any additional charges to enjoy the free 3 months?

There will be a one-time charge of $2,000 when customer decides to terminate the service after the free months. Customer needs to submit the termination order to StarHub and the standard termination lead time of 30 days applies.


Q7. What is the process and lead time for termination of service?

Should customer decide not to sign up with us after the free 3 months (no contract) on 100Mbps, the standard termination lead time of 30 days applies. To illustrate, if customer would like to avoid the subscription charge from kicking in from the 4th month onwards, customer must submit the termination request to us at least 30 days or earlier before the free 3 months (no contract) on 100Mbps ends. Customer can request termination through our StarHub Account Manager or via email to