10 December 2008

Singapore, 10 December 2008 – StarHub today announced the availability of ‘Internet Clean Pipe’, an enhanced corporate Internet security service - for banks and financial institutions - that is specifically designed to protect against DDoS attacks. A DDoS attack occurs when multiple compromised systems (primed by malware or trojans) flood the bandwidth or resources of a targeted system, overwhelming the business' network so that it can no longer provide the intended online service or obstructing legitimate communications between the business and its customers.

StarHub’s ‘Internet Clean Pipe’ is the only readily available DDoS Protection Service in Singapore that can detect, stop and clean harmful data on an ISP level, before it reaches the business’ online infrastructure. The service offers real-time monitoring, detection, packet scrubbing and mitigation measures to protect customers’ online assets against multiple online threats and therefore enhance business continuity.

Ms Leow Bee Ling, Head of StarHub’s Data and Integrated Solutions, said "Banks and financial institutions looking to comply with the MAS’ Internet Banking and Technology Risk Management (IBTRM) guidelines can look to StarHub’s new service to secure their online strategic assets and protect their brand reputation. ‘Internet Clean Pipe’ stops online attacks on the upstream core-router from the ISP side and removes malicious data traffic while allowing only legitimate transactions to be processed. It will help minimise downtime and costly bandwidth spikes as a result of these DDoS attacks, ensuring customers get added peace of mind as they seek to strengthen their online infrastructure."

The IBTRM guidelines were released by the MAS in June 2008. The guidelines require banks to adopt risk management principles and security practices which will assist them in establishing a sound and robust technology risk management framework, strengthening system security, reliability, availability and recoverability, and deploying strong cryptography and authentication mechanisms to protect customer data transactions.

Banks and financial institutions interested in ‘Internet Clean Pipe’ can contact StarHub at 1800 888-8888 or email biz@starhub.com.

For more information, visit www.starhub.com.