13 August 2008

Singapore, 13 August 2008 -  StarHub, Singapore's fully integrated info-communications provider, today announced that it will be launching an innovative pre-paid product called EZ Travel SIM, that will allow inbound travellers to conveniently access StarHub Mobile pre-paid services from the same mobile phone that is fitted with a regular SIM card from their domestic mobile service provider.  

The dual-SIM solution from Taisys Solutions Pte Ltd, provides StarHub with a new form factor of SIM card to address the need of seamless dual SIM access without changing handsets or holding two mobile phones for inbound travellers while they are in Singapore.

The inbound traveller first attaches the StarHub pre-paid EZ Travel SIM card, that is as thin as film, onto his/her primary SIM card, and inserts them together in the SIM slot of the mobile phone (see attached picture). On the same mobile phone, he/she can easily toggle back and forth between the domestic mobile service and StarHub Mobile, and enjoy our attractive pre-paid offerings, such as Free IDD 018 Calls to 18 destinations, Per Second Billing and Daily Free 50 global SMS with five global SMS sent.

Said Mr Anil Nihalani, StarHub's Head of Mobile Services, "StarHub has constantly led the market in bringing useful and compelling services to meet the needs of our different customer segments. Our latest innovative offering of dual-SIM access allows us to easily extend our mobile services to consumers, such as inbound travellers and foreigners that work in Singapore, who will enjoy convenience and ease-of-use of seamless dual SIM access from one mobile phone."

"In a highly competitive market, a more effective and efficient approach any service provider can take is to provide innovative services that no other company can provide. In this manner, Taisys' dual-SIM solution provides a unique solution to mobile service providers to satisfy the need for dual SIM ownership. We are delighted that StarHub has selected our flagship product," said Mr Jason Ho, Managing Director, Taisys Solutions Pte Ltd.

"We expect to roll out the EZ Travel SIM service to the inbound traveller segment by next month, with plans to extend it to other targeted segments in the near future," added Mr Nihalani. "Initially, it will be available at tourist based areas such as the airport."

To top up the value of their StarHub pre-paid EZ Travel SIM card, the inbound traveller can purchase top-up cards through various channels islandwide, such as StarHub Shops, Exclusive Partners' outlets, 7-Eleven, Cheers, and more.