24 April 2008

Singapore, 24 April 2008 – StarHub today announced that it has commercially rolled out Singapore’s first nation-wide location-based mobile advertising service. The service is aimed at marketers looking for a more focused advertising platform that targets consumers in specified pre-set locations.

For advertisers, the service offers an easy and effective marketing strategy that can help them generate almost immediate sales by pushing specific marketing or promotional SMS messages to StarHub Mobile customers when they are in the proximity of the pre-defined zone, such as in a shopping mall.

For StarHub Mobile customers, they benefit from special promotions and discounts from participating retail merchants. They will not be charged for receiving these location-based advertising SMS messages.

"Compared to non-location based advertising such as direct mailers, location-based advertising is far easier and more effective due to timing and location relevance. As such, consumers are more likely to respond to advertisers’ marketing information or promotional messages, which can translate to heightened brand awareness, better response actions, and even increased market share," said Ms Germaine Ng Ferguson, Assistant General Manager, Advertising Sales, StarHub. "Most importantly, unlike the other location-based advertising service in the market that is specific to certain shopping malls only, StarHub's location-based advertising service, with its island-wide availability, definitely provides superior coverage."

Said Mr Adit Harinasuta, Head of StarHub's Services and Solutions, "we are excited to bring yet another first to Singapore! A nation-wide location-based mobile service represents a new milestone for us, where our mobile customers get the convenience of knowing what is just around the corner in their vicinity. It is convenient, useful and empowers them to fully utilise the capabilities of their mobile service. We will continue to lead in this area, with plans to deliver more information-related services to our customers."

At launch, WTS Travel & Tours, one of Singapore’s premier travel agencies as well as one of the largest fleet-owners in the local travel industry, will be using the service to inform potential customers of their new promotions and deals.

Mr Voo Wei Keong, director for WTS Travel & Tours, said "WTS Travel sees the location-based advertising service offered by StarHub as an effective tool in our marketing strategy to target potential customers in the area of our office or roadshows with relevant travel information and promotions that we have available. Because the information is delivered in the immediate vicinity of our marketing activities, customers will be more receptive to approaching our staff to find out more. It is a simple solution that is more targeted and we believe will offer a better response rate than traditional advertising platforms."

Several other merchants have also made commitments to support StarHub's location-based mobile advertising service. They will use the service to inform StarHub’s mobile customer base of new benefits, promotions and loyalty programmes. Details will be announced by these supporting merchants at a later date.

Advertisers interested in the service can contact StarHub's Advertising Sales Team at lba@starhub.com or call (65) 6725 2028 for details. For general enquiries, please email adsales@starhub.com. Visit www.starhub.com for more information.

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