06 July 2007

The channel will offer a wide variety of quality Malay programmes from around the region

Singapore , 6 July 2007 – StarHub today announced that it has appointed local content distributor – Content Network Asia, as the sole channel development partner for its upcoming Malay cable TV channel that is set to launch in Q3 2007.

As the first and only dedicated Malay entertainment TV channel in Singapore , the channel is highly anticipated by many in the local Malay community.

Positioned as a premium cable channel, the new Malay channel will offer a wide variety of quality Malay programmes from around the region and will be fully packaged by Content Network Asia. The company will also be closely involved in the strategic development of the channel, including the making of programming and scheduling decisions for the channel.

StarHub’s selection was done through a formal Request For Proposal (RFP) process.

Ms Tham Loke Kheng, StarHub’s Senior Vice President for Content and Marketing said, “We look forward to bringing the first and only dedicated Malay entertainment channel to viewers in Singapore and aim to set new benchmarks in terms of content diversity and quality. Content Network Asia was chosen as our channel development partner as the company has close ties with the community, demonstrated knowledge of the local market, and share our passion and enthusiasm in building a new channel that will plug into the hearts of the local market. We are confident that together, StarHub and Content Network Asia will deliver an entirely new and refreshing viewing experience for local Malay TV audiences.”

Content Network Asia is managed by Channel Director Mr Puzi Mohamed, with Mr Fahmi Rais and Mr Abdul Rashid Budin serving as Channel Consultant and Director of Airtime Services respectively (please see Annex A below).

Mr Puzi Mohamed’s previous postings include the position of Programming Director of Suria Network Programming and Promotions under Me diaCorp TV12. Mr Puzi now runs the day-to-day operations for Content Network Asia, and will oversee the content acquisition and packaging of StarHub’s new Malay channel.

Mr Puzi said, “We are glad that StarHub has chosen Content Network Asia as its channel supplier. The launch of the new Malay channel will mark an important milestone in the history of Malay media in Singapore , and we are grateful to be able to play a role in its birth. We are committed to ensure that the channel is widely accepted as a premium quality channel and will achieve this via the sourcing of more first-run and worldclass quality content.”

Mr Fahmi Rais brings with him more than 12 years of broadcasting and media management experience. As channel consultant for Content Network Asia, Mr Fahmi will advise on channel branding and programming strategies.

Mr Fahmi said, “We are proud to work with StarHub to bring the channel to viewers here, and our advantage lies in our collective experience in managing a Malay TV station. We are acutely aware of what viewers want with regard to TV entertainment, and we want to position the new Malay channel as a valued community asset that helps fulfill the gaps in existing Malay media platforms.”

Mr Abdul Rashid Budin is backed by 15 years of experience in airtime sales. In his current position as Director of Airtime Services for Content Network Asia, his principal tasks include sourcing for potential clients, securing the best deals, and ensuring the highest levels of service excellence.

StarHub will announce pricing, packaging details and programme offerings for its new Malay channel at a later date.


Annex A

About Content Network Asia

Content Network Asia has the distributorship rights for more than 5,000 hours of dramas, sinetrons, telemovies and documentaries from Malaysia , Hong Kong , Indonesia , China and Nepal . The company has also successfully distributed acquired content to TV stations in Malaysia and Singapore .

Mr Puzi Mohamed, Channel Director

Mr Puzi Mohamed’s previous postings include the position of Programming Director of Suria Network Programming and Promotions under Me diaCorp TV12. As the deputy to Suria Channel’s Vice President, he was in charge of programme acquisition, and the commissioning, scheduling and management of the programming department for Suria Channel. He was also formerly an Associate Director at Arena Film and Television Productions Sdn Bhd, Malaysia , managing the distributorship rights for regional broadcast content.

Mr Fahmi Rais, Channel Consultant

Mr Fahmi Rais was part of the pioneering team tasked to set up Prime 12 in 1995 (renamed Suria in 2000), and held the position of Channel Vice President for Suria Network Programming and Promotions. In May 2007, he was appointed as a member of MICA’s newly set up Internet and Me dia Advisory Committee. Mr Rais also sits as a Board Me mber in the Board of Me ndaki, and is Vice President of the Central Council of Malay Cultural Organisations (Majlis Pusat).

Mr Abdul Rashid Budin, Director of Airtime Services

As a former Assistant Vice President at Me diacorp Radio’s Sales Division and Assistant General Manager at Me diaCorp TV12, Mr Abdul Rashid Budin headed the New Business Group and Regional Sales teams at Me diaCorp .