01 February 2007

Singapore, 1 February 2007 - StarHub announced today the launch of MaxOnline FlexiSurf, By Hour that offers consumers the freedom of highly flexible usage at affordable hourly rates for broadband access at up to 1500 Kbps.

In addition, StarHub unveiled Digital Voice FlexiTalk, a new Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service that allows business travellers or people who reside overseas and make frequent inbound calls to Singapore, to enjoy cost-effective voice services from their PCs via a broadband connection.

Said Mr Thomas Ee, StarHub's Senior Vice President of Cable, Fixed and IP Services, "By making available FlexiSurf By Hour and FlexiTalk, we give consumers the chance to enjoy cost-effective, flexi-usage for a broadband access service and voice service to meet their specific lifestyle needs."

MaxOnline FlexiSurf, By Hour
Best suited for occasional or light broadband surfing, StarHub's new FlexiSurf By Hour service aims to serve entry-level residential broadband users. It offers them maximum flexibility in choosing when they want to surf and the convenience to pay only for the amount of time actually online based on hourly rated pay-per-access usage.

FlexiSurf By Hour charges $1.50 for every three-hour block of usage, and for a minimum monthly charge of $10, it definitely makes a very affordable broadband access service for the home user.

As and when you need to surf the Internet, the access usage charges is automatically offset against your minimum monthly charge. In other words, additional usage charges at $1.50 for every three-hour block applies only if you have an accumulated usage charge beyond the minimum monthly charge in a given month. To make this even more attractive, the monthly Internet access charges is capped at $40, hence giving our customers peace of mind in their Internet access expenditure.

To get started with StarHub's FlexiSurf By Hour broadband service, consumers simply purchase a StarHub cable modem from any of the five StarHub Shops and connect it to their home computer that allows access to the Internet at download speeds of up to 1500 Kbps.

The customer then pays a one-time $1 activation fee which will be charged to his designated credit card for payment as he submits a registration for a FlexiSurf By Hour user account. Subsequently, he can pay for the public Internet access usage through this designated credit card whereby his usage charges are being computed and billed to it, at the end of the month.

Users on FlexiSurf By Hour also enjoy free-of-charge, unlimited access to selected popular websites and web-based services run by content partners of StarHub's Velocity partnership programme. Our partner sites include popular services such as Windows Live Messenger (formerly known as MSN Messenger), Yahoo! Mail, Maple Story (Southeast Asia), all 'edu.sg' and 'gov.sg' sites, and more.

For more information, go to www.starhub.com/online.

Digital Voice FlexiTalk
FlexiTalk offers customers a flexible pay-as-you-talk voice service, with no fixed monthly subscription, post-paid bills or investment in additional hardware.

It is especially targeted at business travellers or people who reside overseas and make frequent inbound calls to Singapore, allowing them to enjoy cost-effective voice services from their PCs via a broadband connection.

Users will get a 6-series phone number for their FlexiTalk service, and this ensures comprehensive interconnection to all existing telephony networks and mobile networks worldwide.

Unlike other PC-based VoIP services in the market, using FlexiTalk you can conveniently dial any phone number you choose, mobile or fixed, just as if you were using the hotel phone but at great savings.

Anyone can call your FlexiTalk number and ring your PC, as if it were a Singapore inbound call, regardless of where you are located around the world.

Using FlexiTalk, you can receive incoming calls, domestic or international, for free. On the other hand, your outgoing calls to any Singapore phone number are charged at $0.03 per minute based per-second billing. You can also call overseas phone numbers from FlexiTalk at attractive StarHub IDD 018 rates.

To enjoy the FlexiTalk service, customers simply buy a software-based CD-Rom kit at $18 (comes with free bundled value for FlexiTalk calls) from any of the five StarHub Shops and install the FlexiTalk Softphone in their laptops. They then activate the service by registering a credit card for their FlexiTalk user accounts and start making VoIP calls from their PCs via a broadband connection.

For better management of their FlexiTalk usage, customers can view call record details and corresponding charges via a StarHub password-protected secure portal.

For more information, go to www.starhub.com/voice.

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