Singapore, 15 October 2003  - Want to have endless gaming fun with your friends on your mobile phone, anytime, anywhere? How about challenging the best mobile gamers in Europe, Asia or the United States? Take on the world ... if you dare! Come tomorrow, this will be a reality when StarHub Mobile launches the first Multi-player Network Java games service in Singapore.


Imagine you are the commander of a battle tank who decides the fate of the other gamers' tanks. You manoeuvre your tank on the battlefield, gauge the distance of the other gamers' tanks, take into account the strength of the wind that blows across the terrain you are playing in, align your cannon barrel to the target, decide on the velocity of the shot and fire! The objective ... to be the last tank standing.


The key fun highlights of this mobile game are the network interactivity and chatting elements. The StarHub Mobile gamer is able to invite up to three other players to compete. The other mobile gamers may be your local buddies or anyone in Europe, Asia or the United States. While the game is on, gamers are able to chat with each other instantaneously while waiting for their turn.


This simple but yet challenging game, 'Cannons Tournament', specially brought to you by StarHub Mobile and mobile games developer Macrospace, allows up to four mobile gamers (locally or abroad) to take control of four individual tanks. This Multi-player Network Java game will be available to all post-paid StarHub Mobile customers from 16 October 2003.


"Multi-player Network Java games on mobile devices with instant chat will add excitement to mobile gaming and stimulate interest. Downloading our Network Java game is simple, provides endless hours of fun and allows them to chat to local and foreign mobile gamers alike," said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Senior Vice President, StarHub Mobile. "We are proud to introduce this fun battle game to our customers. It gives them the ability to compete with the best anytime, anywhere! With the launch of the Multi-player Network Java game, StarHub further reinforces itself as the leading mobile games provider in Singapore, with a wide array of Java games for all types of customers."


"StarHub's expertise and enthusiasm for mobile gaming made them the right company to partner with when launching Cannons Tournament in Singapore, and we are really excited about bringing our multi-player game to a new audience," said Mr John Ozimek, Head of Marketing and Communications, Macrospace.


'Cannons Tournament' can be downloaded at or via the Gee! Menu on the mobile phone. Each download costs S$6.24(with GST) and the game is valid for 30 days. Currently, the game works best on the colour Nokia Series 30 and 40 handsets*. The usual GPRS charge (S$0.005 per KB) applies when the gamer downloads the game and when he plays the network game.


StarHub launched its Java games service in October 2002. It offers different categories, which include 'Sports', 'Action/Adventure', 'Brain Teasers', 'No Brainers' and 'Theme Games', comprising more than 270 fun games for our customers from different walks of life. As part of its Network Java games launch promotion, StarHub is offering up to S$1000 in cash prizes. The highest scorer stands to win the top prize of S$500. The contest begins 16 October and ends 30 November 2003. Scores will be made available on the StarHub website or within the game on the mobile phone.


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*Compatible Nokia handsets include Series 30 - 3530, 8910i & Series 40 - 3100, 3300, 5100, 6100, 6108, 6610, 6800, 7210, 7250, & 7250i.