Corporate Customers To Benefit From 24/7 Internet Security Monitoring and Comprehensive Service Level Agreements


Singapore, 10 June 2003 - Internet security in Singapore today receives a major boost as StarHub Singapore's leading info-communications provider teams with Internet Security Systems (ISS), the world's leading Internet security service provider to protect Singapore’s critical infrastructure and business elite from the ever-increasing threat of security attacks on IT systems and networks.


StarHub and ISS will offer Managed Security Services (MSS) a comprehensive Internet security solution customised for SMEs and MNCs based here. MSS comes at a crucial time when companies are facing significant increases in attacks on corporate data networks. Based on ISS' most recent X-Force Internet Risk Impact Summary Report (IRIS) published in April, it was revealed that there was an astonishing 867 percent increase in security events from monitored systems around the world between the fourth quarter of 2002 and the first quarter of 2003. There was also a 36.6 percent jump in the number of global security incidents during the same period. The increase in security incidents is attributed to a major upswing in the number of worms and hybrid attacks (such as the Slammer worm) discovered this year.


Given this increase in security attacks, corporate customers concerned about compromises in the confidentiality, integrity and availability of their computer systems and network can now look to StarHub's MSS solution to provide industry-leading preventive intrusion methodologies, greater security and ease of mind.


MSS is offered in partnership with ISS and NTT Communications, a Tokyo-based subsidiary of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation. MSS combines the expertise of StarHub, ISS and NTT Com to significantly enhance StarHub's current portfolio of business solutions for SMEs and MNCs. StarHub can now offer corporate customers with ISS's best-in-class managed firewall service, managed intrusion protection service and security vulnerability assessment. These managed services will provide customers with 24/7 security monitoring and support. Comprehensive and industry leading service level agreements are also available.


"Having a comprehensive network security management solution is critical for companies as the risk of being 'unsecure' is too great - affecting shareholder value, brand image, customer confidence, worker productivity and business viability," commented Mr Andrew Grenville, Vice President for Product Management and Marketing, StarHub's Business Markets. "Many companies in Singapore see the value of building a tight yet flexible security platform, but do not have the resources to build a truly comprehensive one in-house. MSS is designed for companies that seek maximum network and data protection with optimum efficiency and value."


" As large enterprises continue to embrace online business, the importance of robust security and customer confidence is resonating within Singapore boardrooms," said Mr Chaw Chong Foo, Southeast Asia Managing Director of Internet Security Systems. "StarHub's Managed Security Services provide executives with peace of mind, knowing all their critical information assets are well secured while also lowering the total cost of ownership for their security infrastructure."


StarHub offers the following suite of security services -

  • Managed Firewall Service - a flexible remotely managed firewall service that delivers cost-effective protection without requiring an in-house solution;
  • Managed Intrusion Protection Service (MIPS) - a solution that unobtrusively monitors client services and network traffic for potential threats, and prevents attacks or misuse from damaging critical online information resources;
  • Security Vulnerabilities Assessment - a comprehensive study that provides remote scanning of user-provided IP addresses for services/routers in order to identify any potential security vulnerabilities.

Since 1994, ISS has earned its reputation as the most trusted security solutions provider in the world, with all of the Fortune 50 companies as a part of their over 11,000 worldwide customer base. NTT Com formed a strategic partnership with ISS to bring managed security services to Japan in 2001. Combining ISS' expertise in security management solutions and NTT Com’s network integration capabilities, the partnership has been very successful with NTT Com becoming the leading security service provider in Japan. This offering in Singapore is poised to position StarHub as the leader in information security services.


Mr. Hideki Yamauchi, Director, NTT Communications, said, "It is our great pleasure to extend our fruitful partnership with StarHub to Singapore in the managed security business field. Through NTT Com and its affiliate companies, our valued customers in Singapore will make use of MSS not only in Singapore but also in Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia."


For more information, call StarHub's business hotline at 1800-888 8888.


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Please see below the definitions for the terms used in this media release.

  • Security event - Network traffic that an MIPS engine determines matches an attack signature and reports back to the monitoring console.
  • Security incident - defined as a high-risk attack, network misuse or other network traffic pattern that violates a customer's Security Policy for acceptable network use.