Partnership Dovetails into StarHub’s Overall Home-Networking Strategy


HORSHAM, Pa. and SINGAPORE, Nov. 12, 2002 — Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) Broadband Communications Sector and StarHub, Singapore’s leading info-communications provider, announced that StarHub has signed a commitment to deploy the Motorola SURFboard® SBG1000 wireless cable modem gateway as an offering for StarHub’s MaxOnline customers in the near future. StarHub, one of the world’s most advanced cable operators, has signed this commitment to enable its residential customers to be among the first to experience the new levels of convergence that the Motorola SBG1000 can deliver throughout broadband homes.


The Motorola SBG1000 – the industry’s first integrated wireless cable modem gateway – combines a Motorola SURFboard cable modem with a wireless access point, an Ethernet router with a five-port 10/100 Base-T switch, a dedicated print server, and an advanced firewall – all in one convenient unit. Providing this integrated offering is the second phase in StarHub’s strategic home-networking plan, which is designed to deliver the latest home networking and wireless products to its broadband customers. StarHub’s home-networking strategy is also to eliminate the bottleneck that can occur when several members of the same household simultaneously try to go online, access e-mail or print from multiple computers.


With the Motorola SBG1000, users can share secure broadband Internet access and network desktops, laptops, printers, and peripherals throughout the home, home office, or small business enterprise – with or without wires. Motorola anticipates introducing its SBG1000 cable modem gateway to the consumer marketplace later this year.


"With its innovative, integrated design and features, like a dedicated print server and advanced security, the Motorola SBG1000 is designed to open up a wealth of new applications and broadband uses for customers in their homes," said Thomas Ee, StarHub’s senior vice-president, Residential IP and Internet services, Consumer Markets. "Since the launch of MaxOnline, our broadband Internet access service in Singapore in December 1999, we are pleased to see rapid development in cable modem technology. It has always been our plan to add value to our broadband access service by deploying new cable modem technology offering advanced features such as wireless access and home networking, firewall and anti-virus services."


Ee added, "Our policy has always been to protect our customers from expensive investments in hardware. By investing in the right technology and working with the right partners, we ensure that the long-term interest of our customers is protected. Our aim is to continue creating high-quality and high-value product enhancements for our customers while we meet their changing needs for greater mobility and flexibility. With the Motorola SBG1000, we hope to build on the Motorola SURFboard cable modem technology to deliver the next level of broadband/home-networking services."


"StarHub is a leading broadband innovator, continuously bringing the latest broadband advancements and innovations to its customers," said John Burke, corporate vice president and general manager of Motorola’s IP consumer gateways business.


"StarHub was among the first operators to deploy DOCSIS open-standard cable modems back in 1999. Today, they continue to lead in the deployment of new technology with the implementation of their home-networking strategy."


Burke added, "As StarHub’s strategic partner, we have played a key role in StarHub’s delivery of the highest levels of performance and reliability to Singapore’s Internet data subscribers since the MaxOnline service was launched in Singapore. We commend StarHub for its aggressive home-networking strategy, as well as for its commitment to being among the first to deliver on broadband’s home-networking potential."



About the Motorola SBG1000 – Feature Set and Roadmap

A plug-and-play DOCSIS 1.1-based cable modem and gateway, the Motorola SBG1000 utilizes a 5-port 10/100 Base-T switch and 802.11b wireless technology for home networking, and includes security features such as an enterprise-grade firewall, integrated Virtual Private Networking (VPN) pass-through, and Network Address Translation (NAT). The SBG1000’s integrated cable modem has already received DOCSIS™ 1.0 CableLabs® Certification™.


The Motorola SBG1000 is designed to enable broadband users to:

  • Share files, MP3s, and use of a printer – as well as the wireless Internet connection. In addition, the SBG1000’s dedicated print server offers strong consumer appeal.
  • Enjoy an efficient solution targeted for their small or home offices – especially the SBG1000’s important security features.
  • Play interactive games with friends or family members from different computers in different rooms within the home.
  • Plug in peripheral devices like fax machines.
  • Enjoy content filtering and parental control.

Motorola’s SURFboard cable modem platform represents more than seven years’ experience in designing cable modems and home-gateway technology expertise, and more than 50 years in the cable industry. Motorola is the cable modem market leader with over 9 million modems shipped to date and 40 percent worldwide market share.