- Street-Level Service Coverage Also Improves To 99.98% -


Singapore, 5 June 2002 StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, today announced that it attained perfect scores in three categories of the latest Mobile Quality of Service Performance survey released by the InfoComm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA). (Results available on-line at www.ida.gov.sg).


Quarter on quarter, its Call Success Rate1 jumped from 99.58% to 100%. Voice Quality2 also achieved a perfect score of 100% from the previous 99.96%, while the number of Call Drop-out3 decreased from 0.28% to 0%. In Street-level Service Coverage4, StarHub secured 99.98%, an improvement of 0.02%.


"We are absolutely delighted that our efforts and investments over the past two years are showing that our Mobile network has achieved a highly competitive performance. This performance, as measured independently by the IDA, clearly demonstrates the commitment StarHub has to continually improve service. Despite the high performance these measurements indicate, we remain focused on finding all possible ways to achieve even higher levels of performance and mobile network coverage," said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Vice President, StarHub Mobile.


"Our customers can be assured that we take their feedback very seriously. Thanks to frequent and active communications with them, we have responded quickly to improve our coverage in areas where weak signal strength is reported. In fact, with the quality of network coverage and performance achieved today, our customers now enjoy both excellent service and the best prices," added Mr Chan.


As at end March 2002, StarHub has over 1,100 base stations and 487,000 mobile subscribers. Since StarHub started installation of its first base station in September 1998, its mobile network implementation team has been adding an average of one base station per day.


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Editor’s Notes

  1. Call Success Rate - refers to the number of successful calls established over the total number of mobile call attempts.
  2. Voice Quality - refers to the network's ability in achieving an acceptable level of voice quality.
  3. Call Drop-out - refers to the unintended disconnection of the mobile calls by the network during a 100 second call holding period for each call.
  4. Street-level Service Coverage – refers to the ability of a network in achieving the minimum signal strength.