AirCard 750 Wireless PC Card Modem Provides Anytime, Anywhere Wireless Access


Singapore and Vancouver, British Columbia - 9 July 2002 - StarHub and Sierra Wireless (NASDAQ: SWIR - TSE: SW) today unveiled the new AirCard 750 wireless PC Card modem for PDA (Personal Digital Assistants) and notebook computer users in Singapore. Now available to StarHub customers, the AirCard 750 allows users to work as if they never left the office with fast, "always-on" wireless access on the StarHub GPRS network. Users in Singapore no longer need to connect through a landline or mobile phone to get instant access to the Internet, e-mail, and personal or corporate information. Now available in international markets around the world, the AirCard 750 is distributed through Network Electronics S.E.A. Pte Ltd in Singapore.


About the size of a credit card, the AirCard 750 is a worldwide GSM/GPRS PC Card that provides mobile users with the freedom and mobility to stay wirelessly connected while on the road or away from the office. When inserted into a mobile computing device, users can access all of their important information at speeds of up to 56 Kbps. Besides wireless GPRS access in Singapore, the StarHub network also offers GPRS roaming in Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand. This means that corporate users travelling to these destinations have real-time access to information wherever they need to be.


"With the increase of mobile professionals using handheld devices in the Singapore market, StarHub has found a solution that will keep our customers connected to all of their important information via the StarHub GPRS network. We tested the AirCard 750 and found that it is one of the fastest GPRS PC Card modem on the market today," said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Vice President, StarHub Mobile. "Whether one needs to respond to a personal email or access a corporate network, this solution provides the means to get critical information in real time at speeds similar to or even faster than today's dial-up connections. The AirCard 750 on our GPRS network will most certainly change the way the mobile professional stays connected."


"With one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the Asia Pacific region, the Singapore market is an ideal distribution base for the AirCard 750," said Mr Jason Cohenour, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing, Sierra Wireless. "Together, with StarHub, we will help keep the Singapore market connected, whether users travel close to home or to international destinations."


The AirCard 750 is available as of 10 July 2002 at two AAAs shops (Funan the IT Mall & Sim Lim Square) for S$698. Customers who subscribe to StarHub's Gee! Unlimited plan can get the AirCard 750 at the special price of S$380. The Gee! Unlimited plan has a monthly subscription fee of S$100, which allows subscribers access to unlimited local mobile data usage.


For more information on StarHub's Gee! (Mobile Data) service and AirCard 750, please call +65 6825-5317 or 6825-5318.

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About the AirCard 750

The AirCard 750 is designed for the mobile user who travels and works outside the office, and requires wireless access to information from notebooks, and other handheld devices. A true Type II PC Card, the AirCard 750 functions on the 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz bands which permits it to operate as a Tri-Band wide area network interface card (NIC) on the GSM (Global System for Mobile communication) and GPRS (General Packet Radio Services) networks. Its superior power management also allows users to work wirelessly without the need for backup batteries or frequent recharging. For more information about the AirCard 750 please visit


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