Singapore, 4 April 2002 -- StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, today announces the availability of a complete Internet upgrade business solution that is designed to help SMEs move into the Internet era and reduce their overall costs that they incur as part of their business operations and upgrading.


The new business upgrade programme, which will be available from 8 April 2002 to 30 June 2002, is based on feedback from StarHub’s corporate customers, and addresses the top three concerns SMEs have with regards to their info-communications expenditure - upgrading their Internet connectivity, international calling and mobile services. Hence, the programme is designed to combine high-speed ADSL availability with substantial deals in IDD 008 / IDD 018 and mobile services.


To be eligible for the SME business upgrade, customers will only need to apply for any StarHub ADSL Webspeed Single-User, Webspeed LAN or Webspeed LAN Plus package. They will then qualify for the following value-offerings in the new SME business upgrade –

  • ADSL Services  Customers who sign on for a 12-month StarHub Webspeed ADSL contract will receive the first month of the ADSL subscription free. In addition, installation and router/modem lease charges are also waived for the period of the contract;
  • IDD 008 / IDD 018 Services – Customers will receive a 25 percent (25%) reduction off their total IDD 008 expenditure and a 10 percent (10%) off their total IDD 018 expenditure. Fixed and mobile lines must be registered under the company’s name;
  • Mobile Handsets – Customers who apply for any StarHub ADSL Webspeed / Single User package will receive a S$100 mobile handset voucher to be redeemed at any StarHub shop. Customers who apply for any StarHub Webspeed LAN or LAN Plus package will receive a S$200 mobile handset voucher to be redeemed at any StarHub shop. Redeemed mobile handsets must be accompanied with any StarHub mobile subscription plan. With StarHub’s Free Incoming Calls and free IDD 018 calls on their mobile phones to Malaysia, this represents significant savings to most companies. Other terms and conditions may apply.

Customers can apply to any of the seven StarHub ADSL Webspeed packages in order to be eligible for the new SME business upgrade programme:

  • 256K Webspeed Modem / Single-User
  • 512K Webspeed Modem / Single-User
  • 256K Webspeed LAN
  • 512K Webspeed LAN
  • 256K Webspeed LAN Plus
  • 512K Webspeed LAN Plus
  • 1M Webspeed LAN Plus

The monthly subscription for these packages range from S$188 for the 256K Webspeed Modem / Single-User to over S$1,000 for the 1M Webspeed LAN Plus.


"By combining our scaleable ADSL solutions with attractive value-offerings on our IDD 008 / IDD 018 services as well as discounts off the mobile phone handsets, StarHub is clearly better at helping its customers upgrade," said Mr Jude Tan, Assistant General Manager, Business Markets. "We also believe the cost savings on telecommunications services can be quite substantial considering how often these three services are used by a typical SME."


StarHub’s corporate ADSL solution, WebSpeed offers unlimited broadband Internet access at an affordable price. WebSpeed provides the connectivity platform for corporate applications, with speeds up to 20 times faster than analogue connections. StarHub ADSL WebSpeed’s service quality is achieved by using high quality, category five enhanced cables instead of ordinary old phone lines. The fibre-optic cable is extended into the building and the access equipment will reside at the base of the building.


Customers interested in signing on for the programme can contact StarHub’s Business Solutions Advisors at 1800-888 8888.