StarHub Collaborates with Partners to Deliver End-to-End E-Commerce Solution for Retailers Participating in PSB Jumpstart e-Retail Programme


Singapore, 28 September 2001 -- StarHub, Singapore’s innovative info-communications provider, today announced that retailers can finally adopt e-commerce into their business operations with ease and more cost-effectively via a comprehensive end-to-end e-commerce package jointly developed by StarHub and its partners.


This package, called FusionBiz Solutions, is specifically developed for retailers participating in the Singapore Productivity and Standard Board’s (PSB’s) Jumpstart e-Retail programme and enables retailers to meet their e-commerce requirements through a single source of integration rather than through multiple parties.


"Traditionally, retailers have to go through multiple companies in order to have an effective e-commerce system. The complexity of such a process may daunt potential e-commerce adopters since they are not sure who to approach and how these systems will interact with each other," said Mr Richard Lee, vice president for Business Markets at StarHub. "Through our package, retailers can launch their e-commerce system without the hassle of negotiating with multiple parties. The package also ensures that all front-end and back-end systems as well as e-fulfillment services interact smoothly to maximise customer experience."


The FusionBiz Solution, a business offering jointly developed by StarHub and its preferred partner, BasicElement, offers a host of services that will help retailers enable their e-commerce system quicker in order for them to have a competitive edge over others. The services range from developing a customised e-commerce system and using a web-based point-of-sales system, to upgrading their present hardware systems with powerful and mobile corporate computing solutions and having a well-developed warehousing and e-fulfillment system to support their current business operations. All these services are enabled through StarHub’s broadband WebSpeed services. (For more information, see Editor’s Note)


"This collaboration with StarHub and our respective partners will give local SME retailers a package that will greatly enhance their company’s visibility. We believe that an Internet-platform will help SME retailers open new markets, and reach out to more customers," said Mr Alex Chong, chief executive officer of BasicElement. "It allows them to leverage on key technologies in order to increase operational efficiencies at a reduced cost."


About the PSB Jumpstart programme
The PSB Jumpstart scheme is developed as a package of assistance programmes to help small-medium enterprises (SMEs) in their e-commerce journey. The package aims to accelerate the online transaction capability of SMEs by helping them adopt "ready-made" e-commerce solutions.


Said Mr Lee from StarHub, "The PSB Jumpstart programme will help to boost technological endeavours undertaken by retailers. StarHub has always supported retailers with their info-communications needs and we feel these solutions offered today will certainly help them to leapfrog competition and grow."


Customers interested in all of these features will only need to contact a single party, which is StarHub’s preferred partner, BasicElement at (65) 273-6772 and (65) 273-9277.


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Editor's Note 
The FusionBiz Solution features:

  • Broadband Access - For retailers looking to widen their communications access through broadband, StarHub will offer both 256K and 512K broadband single-user packages, using StarHub’s ADSL WebSpeed modem service. For retailers looking to provide innovative communications for their customers, StarHub will offer WebSpeed LAN, which will be available in both 256K and 512K broadband LAN packages. There is an option to bundle the Wireless LAN Jumpstart kit as well. The kit will include a Wireless Access Point and two PC card clients or USB adapters for laptops/PCs.
  • E-Commerce System - Retailers are now able to have a customised website, fully integrated with an online store. This solution provided by BasicElement will include store management tools, e-payment processing services, SSL encryption, email and web hosting support, domain name registration services, consultancy and application for participating in the PSB Jumpstart programme.
  • Web-Based Point-of-Sales System - This web-based point-of-sales system, provided by VisualSoft, is ideal for retail establishments in making cash sales. It allows the user to either key or scan in the item code or manufacturer code easily. The system accepts multiple payment modes, provides on-line processing, keeps track of accumulated sales figure, performs stock counts and tracks stock movements.
  • Corporate Computing Solutions - Compaq is offering the EVO N150 notebook, a new, lightweight notebook that offers groundbreaking price/performance and a flexible modular design for easy configuration and upgrades. For retailers requiring desktops, Compaq Deskpro SB features Intel Pentium processors with 20GB Ultra ATA HDD, standard 4MB AIMM video memory, and 128MB SDRAM. For customers requiring versatile Internet PCs featuring up-to-the-minute technologies, Compaq Presario 3600 incorporating Pentium 4 processor provides best-in-class value with incredible performance for work.
  • Warehousing and E-Fulfillment - Retailers adopting this solution will be able to have facilities that can help them with their warehousing and e-fulfillment needs. These services offered by CWT Distribution Limited will enable retailers to solve their inventory and delivery needs that an e-commerce system requires. CWT’s e-fulfillment solutions help the retailers to manage their inventory and fulfil their orders at the right time, with the right product in a time-definite manner. With real-time information, status report and proactive alerting, retailers can monitor and manage their orders effectively.