StarHub & Yahoo! Singapore Deepen Relationship To Offer Yahoo! WML Messenger With Alerts To StarHub's Mobile Users

Singapore, 18 June 2001 -- StarHub and Yahoo! Singapore announced today an agreement to offer Yahoo! WML Messenger with SMS Alerts, as well as a variety of Yahoo! WML content and services for StarHub's mobile WAP customers.

The two companies are collaborating to provide a range of tools and services to StarHub's customers, including Yahoo! WML Messenger. A WML version of Yahoo! Messenger, which incorporate alerts notification via SMS, will be available to StarHub's subscribers. StarHub's WAP subscribers can send and receive instant messages via WML messenger. They can also receive SMS alerts when instant messages are being sent to them or when friends come online to Yahoo! Messenger. With the WML messenger, StarHub's customers can stay in touch with friends, family and co-workers, instantly.

In addition to Yahoo! WML Messenger, StarHub's mobile WAP subscribers will have access to essential, personalised, local and timely information, with a wide range of popular WML Yahoo! products including Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Auctions, Yahoo! Weather and My Yahoo!. StarHub's subscribers can look forward to the exciting service in August 2001.

"This collaboration strengthens the ongoing strategic relationship between StarHub & Yahoo! Singapore. This partnership has resulted in a rich suite of content, community, and communications services on both the mobile Internet and the World Wide Web. We are pleased to introduce another new service to StarHub's customers," said Mr. Maury Zeff, Managing Director, Yahoo! Singapore & Southeast Asia.

Said Mr Chan Kin Hung, Vice-President, StarHub Mobile, "StarHub is always looking for quality strategic partners to work with and we found it in Yahoo! Singapore. With this partnership, StarHub mobile customers can now do instant messaging and be alerted of their friend's presence via SMS. This will further enhance their wireless lifestyle and experience high quality WAP services from us. StarHub will continue to focus on becoming the leading wireless data Service Provider in Singapore through providing new enhanced services on content and applications."

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