Cost-effective, single-number service ensures continuous availability for voice and fax mails


21 November 2000, Singapore -- StarHub Internet today announced the introduction of CliQLink, a first-ever next-generation communications service which enables users to cost-effectively manage their fax and voice info-communications needs through a single personal phone number via the Internet. In addition to faxmail and voicemail capabilities, CliQLink will also allow users to make and receive real-time phone calls anywhere in the world through the Internet.


By integrating traditional telephony with the Internet, CliQLink allows Internet users to instantly transform their PC into an all-in-one telephone, fax machine and message service. Users will enjoy continuous connectivity and convenience as long as they are connected to the Internet.


CliQLink will be made available to all Internet users, regardless of their ISP. When users sign up for the CliQLink Basic or Executive packages (see attached brochures), they will receive a Virtual Intelligent Agent TM   (VIA) number which acts as the single point of contact for friends, family and business contacts. Together with the simple-to-install CliQLink software on their PCs or laptops, they can now perform multiple communications tasks such as:

  • Make local phone calls through their computer    
  • Receive local and international phone calls through their computer while surfing the Internet    
  • Retrieve voice messages    
  • Identify local and overseas callers through automatic Caller Number Display feature    
  • Capture and return missed calls    
  • Receive faxes straight to their computers (available for Executive Pack only)

When the user’s VIATM is dialed, voice calls/mails or fax transmissions will be logged within a virtual mailbox, which is accessible through the Internet. All users will need to do is connect to the Internet and launch the CliQLink interface to retrieve the mailbox. They can then choose to review and respond to voice messages or faxes in any order. If an incoming call is received while users are connected to the Internet, users can respond directly to those messages through headsets or divert it to their voice mailbox.


"Utilising the ubiquitous presence of the Internet, CliQLink will offer Internet users a new paradigm of connectivity beyond simply the text of an email. They will now be able to make and receive local calls and fax transmissions or access voice mails at local rates no matter where they are in the world, as long as they are connected to the Internet," said Mr Kyong Yu, General Manager of StarHub Internet.


StarHub Internet will provide the sales, marketing and customer support for CliQLink while UGotACall, the Singapore-based next-generation communications company who developed this service, will provide the back-end technology expertise.


"Users today are demanding increased services at a reduced cost," said Mr Terence Mak, Chief Executive Officer of UGotACall Pte Ltd. "The launch of CliQLink is an indication of the value-add that we are able to offer using tomorrow’s technology today. Because the service rationalises your communication needs at one location, users will be able to manage them efficiently and effectively. By working with like-minded partners such as StarHub Internet, I am excited that Singapore is the first country in the world to experience this service."


"We are proud to be working with a leading innovator like UGotACall to deliver this ground-breaking service to our users. This service will further strengthen StarHub Internet’s efforts to enhance our customers’ fast-moving mobile lifestyles by empowering them to stay connected wherever they are," added Mr Yu.


The launch of CliQLink is part of StarHub Internet’s focus to work with best-of-breed partners to be an Application Service-enabler, expanding beyond providing just plain Internet access services. Other recent initiatives include the introduction of