Singapore, 19 June 2000 -- StarHub Pte Ltd and TransACT Communications Pty Limited signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on collaborating in interactive broadband multimedia matters on Tuesday, 6 June 2000. The StarHub-TransACT partnership is one of a series of subsidiary MOUs signed under the umbrella of the Australia-Singapore Information and Technology MOU, and comes under the auspices of the Joint Australia-Singapore Information Technology Council established in February 1999.


By way of their MOU, StarHub and TransACT propose to jointly develop high-speed broadband networks to facilitate the exchange of broadband traffic and content. This will cover the delivery of a wide range of value-added services such as video, telephony and Internet services. Other areas of co-operation between the parties include skills development and staff training.


StarHub and TransACT also intend to exchange information on infocomm technology issues. In this, the StarHub-TransACT MOU represents a significant step towards accelerating broadband growth and development in both countries and beyond.


With companies all over the world increasingly incorporating infocomm technology into all aspects of their business to be linked to their customers, suppliers and business partners to compete effectively, the StarHub-TransACT collaboration further aims to generate greater business development opportunities for Singapore and Australia regionally and globally.


Said Mr Terry Clontz, President and Chief Executive Officer at StarHub, "I am very pleased that TransACT is partnering StarHub to exchange and develop broadband communications capabilities. This collaboration highlights the continuing confidence of leading organisations in StarHub, and indeed Singapore, to undertake high value-added activities and use Singapore as a base to facilitate essential broadband connections and multimedia capabilities. Together, Australia and Singapore will have much to gain from yet another collaboration on infocomm technology issues."


Added Mr Richard Vincent, Chief Executive Officer at TransACT Communications based in Canberra, "TransACT looks forward to working closely together with StarHub to developing cross-country services between Singapore and Canberra."


TransACT is set to go ‘live’ in Canberra with its advanced broadband network during the first quarter of 2001. StarHub, with its principally fibre-based integrated broadband network in Singapore, together in partnership with TransACT, hold the potential to deliver value-added services directly to homes and offices. Businesses and services will soon be able to reach out directly to consumers, catering to their specific needs. For Singaporeans and Australians, this initiative will deliver the convenience of a variety of value-added services directly to households and families.