Free Payphone Trials for Public this Weekend 


Singapore, 18 August 2000 -- StarHub, Singapore’s new info-communications player, today announced the launch of the StarHub Payphones Interactive Service (SPInS). Billed as Singapore's first lifestyle payphones with WAP-based interactive service, SPInS provides online information and directory services instantly and interactively, and even connects calls directly under selected categories. 


Developed based on the WML language and connected to a WAP browser, StarHub is the first info-communications player to deploy the WML technology via a wired platform. It is possibly the first in the world to deliver WAP-based services over an ISDN network for payphones. As a launch offer, the public will be able to try out the Interactive Service on the weekend of 19-20 August 2000 for FREE at any StarHub payphone island-wide.


SPInS boasts a Quick Guide and Quick Information service which is a first for payphones. With the Quick Guide category, users can access a list of quick services like 'Hotel Guide', 'Shopping Guide' and 'Product Listing'. They can find out information such as special room rates at hotels, or the latest promotion or sale in town at a touch of a button. SPInS also provides a Quick Information category which offers services like 'Betting Results', 'Financial Service' and 'Soccer Results'.


Advertisers can make use of this innovative medium to put up their latest promotions and special events on SPInS. Because of their ability to turn around information fast, SPInS gives advertisers the flexibility to change or update their advertisements within a day. It is an advertising medium that will be able to reach tourists within minutes of their arrival in Singapore and the public anytime of the day. Interested advertisers can call 1800-782-7482 to make enquiries.


Said Mr William Tan, General Manager, IP and Telephony Solutions, StarHub, "The StarHub payphone is a multi-function lifestyle terminal. Besides the normal telephony service, consumers also want quick information whilst on the move. With SPInS, StarHub payphone delivers beyond the traditional telephony services to stay relevant with the times. It is able to satisfy this convergence of voice and data demand."


SPInS is available on all of StarHub's ISDN payphones. Presently, StarHub has about 800 payphones installed island-wide and more than 90% of them are SPInS and ISDN enabled.


"Besides StarHub's chip-based phonecard and coins, these ISDN payphones will soon support multi-mode payment, including Nets cash card, LTA's EZ-Link contactless card and credit cards. The varied modes of payment allow for greater convenience to the consumers," Mr Tan added.


To coincide with the SPInS launch, consumers will be able to try out the Interactive Service on the weekend of 19-20 August 2000 for FREE at any StarHub payphone island-wide. Also, StarHub payphone cards will be given away FREE at all Buzz kiosks upon presenting a StarHub coupon found in the weekend issues of The New Paper. All users have to do is to insert a StarHub Payphone card to activate the Interactive Service. No charges will be deducted for the stated weekend.


After that, an introductory rate of 10 cents for every 3 minutes of data call used will be charged. This introductory rate will be valid till 29 October 2000, after which the normal rate of 10 cents for every 2 minutes for data calls will apply. Voice calls are charged at 10 cents for three minutes.


As of end July, StarHub's 800 payphones can be found at high-traffic areas like 7-Eleven stores, major shopping centres, educational institutions, LRT stations, bus-interchanges, hospitals and town centres. More locations will be added in the coming months. By year-end, StarHub will have 50% of the payphone units in operations at Changi Airport.


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