31 August 1999, Singapore -- Singapore Internet Services Provider (ISP), CyberWay and ThatWeb Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sesdaq-listed Aztech Systems Ltd, today jointly announced that CyberWay is the first ISP in the world to offer a unique e-mail portal solution licensed from ThatWeb. The e-mail portal service will be embedded in CyberWay's revamped homepage at URL:  http://www.cyberway.com.sg 


This partnership enables CyberWay's home page to become a convenient single e-mail access avenue. Utilizing ThatWeb's intelligent e-mail portal technology, both CyberWay subscribers and other Net surfers are able to access their various e-mail accounts from anywhere in the world without requiring complicated configuration work and without restriction to the ISPs they are signed up with. Users can also access their address books belonging to different accounts from the CyberWay home page via ThatWeb`s breakthrough unified address book called Uni@ddress that manages and interconnects multiple address books.


This new initiative is in line with CyberWay's vision to make the Net work for its subscribers. CyberWay's General Manager, Mr Tan Tong Hai, said, "Internet is about communicating in an open, borderless fashion. Rather than to limit e-mail users to a proprietary platform, CyberWay has selected ThatWeb`s proven e-mail products for our revamped home page to provide users with a totally new interactive experience, global access, and greater flexibility. Majority of our subscribers are professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEBs). They are road warriors who travel frequently. This facility will add value to such users by making their life easier, enabling them to check their several e-mail accounts wherever they may be and whenever they want to. This is one of the initiatives integral to CyberWay's strategy to acquire a 'meta-PMEB portal' status."


Mr Michael Mun, President and CEO of Aztech Systems Ltd and ThatWeb Private Limited, said, "ThatWeb has created the world`s first intelligent email portal that is simple to use, convenient, widely accessible from any web terminal and highly robust. Currently, over 120,000 worldwide users are using ThatWeb's e-mail access service since its establishment in November 1998. With this proven service, we are proud to play a role in this strategic partnership in providing our patent pending technology to strengthen CyberWay's position as a leading ISP, and also to bring value to CyberWay and its subscribers. ThatWeb will continue to grow its strategic alliances throughout the world, at the same time continuing to provide a high level of support to our existing valued partners."


CyberWay has gained a strong client base among business users and professionals since the introduction of its Internet services in 1996. Internet usage per subscriber has expanded by 23% in the second quarter of this year, from 13 hours to 16 hours.


Mr Tan added, "In developing new business community-focused channels and features, we were guided by certain objectives that will make visiting CyberWay`s home page a more rewarding and enriching involvement for our subscribers – convenience, speed, quality content and accessibility. We searched for partners who will be able to provide contents and access with distinct advantages to our customers."


Other features that have been introduced to in the revamped website include:

  • go-events.com -- a business events listing which is updated in real time through the unique syndication model from go-events.com