19 October 1999, Singapore -- CyberWay, Singapore’s Internet Services Provider (ISP), has formed a new partnership with Arthur Andersen’s Asia/Pacific security competency centre, to introduce Arthur Andersen’s Andersen Labs for Internet & Security (ALIS) in CyberWay’s new e-Security Gym site located at:  www.cyberway.com.sg. Offering a comprehensive set of security measures, CyberWay’s e-Security Gym is designed as a one-stop "keep-fit centre" to help both home and office Internet users to do their own health checks against Net intrusion and virus attacks. 


Based on a "Do-It-Yourself" concept, CyberWay’s e-Security Gym yields an easy-to-use preventive programme to enable Internet users to:

  • raise their awareness and knowledge about Net security issues;    
  • assess, identify and risk manage their personal computers and corporate network systems for security vulnerabilities and threats; and    
  • use tools and solutions to fight security infringements and virus attacks.

Apart from Arthur Andersen’s ALIS, targeted at corporate Internet users, the e-Security Gym also comprises the McAfee Clinic solution, distributed by Network Associates, for home Internet users. Other features found in the e-Security Gym include an interactive assessment to check how an organization or an individual’s PC performs against industry-standard security best practices; tips for ensuring a healthy PC and network security system for individuals and corporations respectively.


CyberWay’s General Manager, Mr Tan Tong Hai, said, "Internet users are constantly faced with the nagging worry of a virus or defacement attack. With the drive towards e-commerce, corporations, technopreneurs and home Internet users alike will increasingly place more emphasis on working in a secured computer network environment. CyberWay’s collaboration with a premier business partner like Arthur Andersen is our time-to-market offer to address their concerns in this area. The e-Security Gym is a totally integrated security solution package that can be conveniently activated by Internet users themselves. At no time, does CyberWay intrude upon their privacy rights. Like using an exercise gym, the e-Security Gym is our vision of a Net security fitness centre for Internet users to prevent breakdowns caused by virus attacks and intrusion when working on the Net. "


Mr Uantchern Loh, Director, Arthur Andersen Computer Risk Management adds, "We are very pleased with this partnership with CyberWay and are excited at the opportunity to share Arthur Andersen’s ALIS capabilities with organizations. As it is near impossible for already overburdened IT departments to keep abreast with the latest technology developments, it would be beneficial for them to turn to security experts versed in the latest security issues and developments. Together with CyberWay, Arthur Andersen is able to provide totally integrated solutions: best-of-breed products and solutions in network security coupled with the expertise to deploy and manage them."


For corporate users, CyberWay and Arthur Andersen will also work together to extend the privilege of Arthur Andersen’s Andersen Labs Emergency Response Team (ALERT) service support on a round-the-clock basis. This service will serve to inform corporate customers on security infringements and help them to protect their e-businesses.