11 July 1999, Singapore -- Monster.com, the world’s most comprehensive and extensive online career management service, partners with CyberWay, Singapore’s innovative Internet Services Provider (ISP), to bring greater value-add to CyberWay’s subscribers. Subscribers will now have added convenience of instant access to Monster.com.sg’s career management services via CyberWay’s homepage when looking for employment or seeking to employ talents in Asia. 


CyberWay’s General Manager, Mr Tan Tong Hai, said, "This partnership will definitely bring greater value-add and convenience to our existing subscriber base. Majority of our subscribers are professionals, managers, executives and businessmen (PMEBs) who will find this partnership beneficial to them. They will have the convenience of Monster.com.sg’s career management services at their finger tips anywhere in the world, bringing home the ability to communicate and work in an open and borderless fashion that CyberWay strongly believes in."


The strategic partnership coincides with the launch of Monster.com’s first site in Asia. Mr. Marcelo Silva, Internet Marketing Director, TMP Worldwide, said, "We are very pleased to springboard into Asia and this strategic partnership with CyberWay will provide employers with even greater visitation to their job postings. Where traditionally the Net was commonly surfed by IT professionals in the world, we now find a broader audience and the take-up rate by women is most encouraging. We anticipate that the take-up of Internet in Asia will closely reflect the pattern of the USA. The sophisticated communications infrastructure in Singapore gives us even further confidence in the future for Monster.com.sg."


Mr Silva adds, "While the local site, Monster.com.sg, will have content and job listings unique to Singapore, job seekers will have access to over 250,000 positions worldwide. No other career site can offer the breath and depth of Monster.com.sg and we are excited at the prospect of communicating with CyberWay’s sophisticated subscriber base."


More than just a website for job listings, Monster.com.sg offers career advice from resume writing to providing tips on how to impress at a job interview. Other features found in the site will include virtual interviews and chat rooms where advice for careers are given by renown professionals in various fields of work.


Mr Tan said, "CyberWay strongly believes in helping to enrich the professionals’ lifestyle and career development opportunities. We hope that our subscribers will not only use CyberWay as their choice learning portal to enhance their education opportunities, but more importantly to achieve greater levels of success in their careers. In line with this vision, our partnership with Monster.com brings about a perfect synergy of quality learning and career opportunities, and we hope it will position CyberWay as the preferred learning ISP partner for the professionals, the education sector and the human resource development industry."