28 November 1999

Singapore, 28 January 1999 -- StarHub today announced that it will be using an advanced method to lay its fibre optic cables for its underground core network which is designed to provide nation-wide coverage to Singapore. It is believed to be the first company in Singapore to use this technique for underground long distance optical cable network on a nation-wide basis.


This technique involves "blowing" the fibre optic cables through the Singapore Power ducts. It is one of the most efficient and safest means of installing fibre optic cables compared to the traditional method of pulling cables through the ducts which is slower and requires a lot of manpower.


Unlike the conventional way where only about 1km of underground cables can be pulled at any one time, the blowing technique has the capability, depending on the route and condition of the ducts, to blow up to 2km of cables at one go. Also, there is much less stress applied on the cables as the blowing technique reduces cable friction. Installation can also be performed any time as this method can be used to pull the cables through pre-laid ducts, unlike the traditional manual pulling method, which can only be performed under fair weather conditions.


StarHub will save a tremendous amount of time as the cable blowing technique only requires 30 minutes to lay 2km of cables, while the estimated time required by the conventional method is 2 hours.


In a ceremony to mark its network rollout, Mr Terry Clontz, Chief Executive Officer of StarHub said, "By using this advanced technique, StarHub is able to meet its ambitious and aggressive network rollout schedule to cable 100% of the CBD areas and 64% of the rest of Singapore by 1 April 2000 when we commence operations. At the same time, this method will also help us to minimise public inconvenience caused by excavation works. This is certainly, by far a more superior method of cabling."


He further added, "We are very fortunate to be able to work with Singapore Power’s subsidiary, SP Telecommunications, our main contractor in the cable rollout. Their cable installation expertise and extensive duct infrastructure are critical to achieving our network rollout targets."


"SP Telecoms is fully committed in supporting StarHub to achieve its roll-out targets and plans. In extending SP’s existing infrastructures for telecommunications use, we will help ensure a speedy roll-out of the state-of-the-art broadband multimedia network for the benefit of consumers at minimum costs to StarHub and minimum inconvenience to the public," said Ms Low Sin Leng, Managing Director of SP Telecoms.


StarHub which won the licences for fixed and mobile telecommunications services in May last year, will be building a core access network that is principally fibre-based. Cable-laying started in end December and will end by April 2002 when all of Singapore will be fully cabled.


More About StarHub’s Core Network

StarHub`s core network will be built using the latest state-of-the-art Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) optical fibre technology supplied by Lucent Technologies. The core network will comprise optical transmission network infrastructure that incorporates an instantaneous `self-healing` architecture. This will give added protection to StarHub`s network, ensuring the highest level of reliability.


StarHub’s core network will be the backbone to other network elements. It will consist of three SDH linear fibre loops in the West, East and Central regions, which will enable interconnection into other operators’ networks, while a fourth loop will be provided within the CBD area.


All the SDH loops will transit via the designated Core Network Node (CNN) sites, which will allow for local access distribution.