Terms & Conditions - SmartSurf HD Plans


  1. The bundled unlimited talktime and SMS/MMS under a SmartSurf HD plan is applicable to voice calls and SMS/MMS made and sent to any local mobile number or as applicable, fixed-line number.
  2. Customers’ usage of the bundled unlimited talktime and SMS/MMS is subject to StarHub’s fair use and anti-spam policies set out in our General Terms & Conditions.
  3. If StarHub, in its sole discretion, determines that the usage of the bundled unlimited talktime and SMS/MMS or any part thereof has been or is being abused by Customers, StarHub may:
    1. suspend, restrict and/or terminate Customer’s access to the services or any part thereof under the affected SmartSurf HD plan, without any liability to Customers; and
    2. charge Customers at the prevailing rates for any excessive usage.
  4. SmartSurf HD plans are eligible for Hub Club membership but NOT Hub Club discount.
  5. StarHub's General Terms & Conditions and Service Specific Terms & Conditions for Mobile and Mobile Data services shall apply.